Alex Fordes

Alex without sunglasses

Alex Fordes was a a former member of the Census Council who, while searching for Force, was hit by three bolts of lightning, causing him to be put into a coma for the next 2 days, and then crutches for the next week. He is back to full strength roughly a month after this happened. He was found by Eagle Owl soon after being struck by lightning.



He is normal size for a 13 year old, and has medium length brown hair that is never combed, so it could be classified as Bed Head. He has light choco-brown eyes. He also occasionally wears bluish-purple tinted sunglasses, and usually only wears sports shorts, though occasionally he will wear cargo pants. He also wears a a skintight dark-blue outfit as well as black fingerless gloves. It acts almost like a bullet proof vest.


As he is from the Census Council, he is hardened and semi-battle worn and has survived 3 consecutive Battle-Periods. However he is nice to his friends, especially to Eagle Owl, as they rescued him. He is occasionally funny but sometimes he is withdrawn. He will fight the Taricta but is mostly concentrated on finding Force.


As he is from the Census Council, he is very good in battle, scoring a 41/100 in FTR(Fight Technique Rankings). He is especially good at tree hopping and reaction time, scoring an 11/60 on the 10 BPS trial (By comparison, the average person scores around a 1, demigods around 2-3, and other Census Council members 6-8[Force scored 28, Matt originally scored 15].


Alex uses a type of blade similar to Cloud in Final Fantasy 7 Advent Children. It splits into four separate swords, from which he can dual wield two at a time. He also has a blunt-tipped Wakizashi sword that he doesn't really use, except in emergencies.