Elements Edit


Water can be used to through enemies away and slash at them.I can also freeze enemies.

Ice is another form of waterbending which you can shoot icicles at your enemies or freeze them.

Blood is another form of waterbending but extremely hard to learn,you can control someones body by controling their blood because of the water inside them.

-Water-Eagle Owl





You can through giant boulders at the enemie as well as sink them into the ground.Or create art made out of Earth or summon walls to block attacks.

Metal is another form of earthbending that alows you to grab onto metal and tear it apart.






You can through fire at the enemie,burning them as well as creating walls of fire or creating things out of fire for a few seconds.

Lightning is another form of firebending ut harder to learn.It alows you to fire lightning at enemies possibly frying them.

Dark fire is another form of firebending but is stronger and extremely hard to learn.

-Dark fire-Eagle Owl

-Lightninig-Eagle Owl




Air can be used to block attacks or you can blow your enemies away. It is possible to fly but only if using a glider.






If you want to learn any of the elements then goto any of the people willing to teach them to you down below.

Eagle Owl