Force was a former member of the Census Council who betrayed them and was thus kicked out. He is extremely agile and an intense fighter. He raided a covert government building and has some powerful technology that allows him to do many things.



He is above average in height, standing at around 6" 5'. He semi-short length black hair and he also has a six pack. He often wears as little clothing as possible, (I.e short shirts and fighting pants). He usually wears grey clothing with black or white in it.


He is cold hearted and isn't afraid to kill anybody and everybody. He usually doesn't make alliances with anybody, but has joined with the Taricta to defeat the Inferno Squadron, as they would be a serious threat to Force's plans. However he knows he will ultimately have to betray them eventually, though that will not be in the near future.


As he is from the Census Council, he is very good in battle, scoring a 79/100 in FTR(Fight Technique Rankings). He is extremely great at agility and reaction time, scoring an 37/60 on the 10 BPS trial. He uses technology a lot to allow him to accomplish extraordinary feats.


Force uses a any blade he has, except he attaches a piece of machinery(stolen from government) to the bottom the covers the edges of the sword with a type of laser beam so thin that it allows him to cut through any material. He also has a glove(stolen from government) on his left hand that allows him to blast back anybody that gets close to him. Force has special boots(stolen from government) then can propel him in far up in a single jump, or shoot like a bomb-like blast at anybody from the bottom of his boot.