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The Inferno Squadron Base, ISB for short. Anyone can add anything


The ISB looks like a military hangar (for airplanes and other stuff), but when people go inside, it's bigger than 15 Wal-Marts stuck together.


The base has _ areas

The Dining AreaEdit

The dining area looks like a modern high school cafeteria, only bigger.

The Training AreaEdit

The training area has 3 sub-areas.

The Archery Field

The archery field has 50 rows and 5 targets in each row.

The Shooting Range

The targets of the shooting range can shift into any monster that's part of the Taricta.

Un-Armed Combat Lessons

As said in the title.

The Bamboo ForestEdit

I don't know why, I just like the idea.

The ArmoryEdit

The armory has all the weapons and armor the Inferno Squadron needs. Each member has his/her own section. Each weapon in each section can have 10 of each weapon (wow)

Eagle Owl-Sniper Rifle-Combat Knife-Sword-Battle Rifle-Throwing Stars-

Kyra Musika- Fire Arrows-Water Arrows-Fart Arrows-Normal Arrows-Poison Arrows-Rabies Arrows-Knives-Bow

Bard Eric-Stygian iron sword-Black quiver containing 100 stygian iron arrows-Ebony bow-50 stygian iron throwing knives (in their sheathes on my belt)-

(I meant make an article like I did, but it's your choice- Viper)

The Regular ForestEdit

The forest has 23 kinds of plants and trees.

The GuardhouseEdit

There are 3 guard houses, 3 snipers and turrets are placed in each guardhouse.


There are 21 hangars throughout the base. 10 hangars are for cars and humvees, 10 are for helicopters and jets, and 1 for rollerblades and other stuff


The barrack looks an apartment building that has 250 apartments and 100 floors and 5 elevators. Each apartment has 2 rooms, A living room, A Bathroom, A kitchen, and TVs and other entertaintment systems.

Blacksmith's ShopEdit

The blacksmith's shop is equiped with a forge, a couple anvils, a vast array of hammers, a quenching bucket, and all the tools that might possibly be needed to make weapons and armour. It also is stocked with metal of all kinds imaginable. Stygian iron, Celestal bronze, regular bronze, regular iron, steel, and many more.

The DojoEdit

The Dojo is located at the top of the Barracks. The sensei or whatever teaches chinese martial arts and stuff

The Torture RoomEdit

A room for getting Information from torture


Just a place to have coffee and hang out. There is a small movie theater that has all the dvd's of tv shows and movies