Inferno Squadron TimelineEdit

Chapter 1 -New friend,New FoeEdit

Eagle Owl was traveling alone in a forest when he heard something.

He quickly turned around and saw nothing,just trees and bushes.So he kept walking and he heard something in the tree moving.He looked up and a brute jumped at him. Eagle Owl dogded the brute and did a roll.

He went for his battle rifle when he noticed it wasn't there.He saw it behind the brute.

Then the brute opened fire"The taricta will take over this world!"said the brute. Spike shots flew at Eagle Owl nearly hitting him in the back.All of a sudden two more brutes came running out.

Then an arrow hit the ground and exploded.One brute fell backwards while the other two put there arms around their mouths to protect them from the smoke.

Another arrow hit a brute right in the middle of the two plate on the back of his head.It then fell to the ground.Eagle Owl quickly scrambled for his Battle rifle and shot the other brute.The last one was getting up when it ws hit in the chest with an arrow.

Eagle Owl looked around him to see if he could see were the arrows were coming from. He then noticed a girl in the trees with a bow an some arrows.

"And who might you be?"asked Eagle Owl.

Chapter 2 - [no name]====Edit

Kyra's POV

I let my bow turn back into my earring and put it on. My quiver turned back into my backpack. I walked toward the boy.

"I'm Kyra Musika, daughter of Apollo.. Who are you? You don't seem to be a normal mortal, so you must be a demigod or quarter blood or something." He stared at me like I was insane.

"No, I'm not a demigod, whatever that is. Call me Eagle Owl." he said.

"A demigod is a child of a Greek god. Yes, they exist. No, I'm not crazy." I told him.

"I didn't think you were."

"I just asumed... Just forget it. Then what's special about you?"

"I can munipulate electricity and shoot dark plasma like stuff from my body."

"That's cool. I can manipulate light. That's the daughter of the sun god thing, though. I can also force people to talk in rhymes!"

Chapter 3'- "Roger Roger"'Edit

3rd Person POV


"What was that?" asked Kyra.

"Roger Roger!"

"Droids,take cover!"Eagle Owl said.

They ran behind a boulder while laser flew by them.Eagle Owl pulled out his sniper rifle and shot two droids in a row.

Kyra pulled off her earring and it changed into her bow again, while her backpack turned into her quiver. She pulled out a bomb arrow (they're colour-coded) and shot it into the middle of seven or eight droids. It exploded and they went with it.

Eagle Owl shot an electrical wave into the ground stunning the droids.Then seven super battle droids started shooting at them."Curses!"Eagle Owl said under his breath.Meanwhile Kyra finished of the rest of the battle droids. Eagle Owl took out his battle rifle and started shooting at two super battle droids.He then chuked a gernade at them sending three flying up into the air.Eagle Owl shadow blasted the other two into a rock sending mechanical limbs everywere.

"Thats the last of them."Kyra said.



"Do you want to join the Inferno Squadron,because you seem like a very good fighter?

Chapter 4- Shut the Hell Up Brain!Edit

Kyra's POV

I smiled. "Sure. That would be cool."

Eagle Owls POV

She seemed like a nice person but I knew I couldn't trust her too much because I had just met her.

"Well...I think we should head back to my base and I'll give you a tour."

Kyra's POV

I nodded and we started heading north.

After all that training, I knew it was a bad idea to trust him, but, hey, he was cool! I decided I'd give it a shot, even if it did include the possibility of him in the Titan Army.

I promised myself I would not get too close to him. Like, start loving him or something... wait... did I just say love? Me and my girly pre-teen mind... always thinking about gooey romance and such. I don't want to end up like that. That job belongs to Aphrodite and her children. And my mother IS NOT Aphrodite. My mother is Camilla Nielsen.

3rd Person POV

"Well here we are"said Eagle Owl pointing to the base.

"Over there is the training grounds,lots of targets there."

They walked into the building and Devir was there.

"Good evening Owl,and who is this may I ask?"

"Oh thats Kyra our newest member,and I'm taking her on a tour of our base."

"Very well then, carry on."Devir said while walking past them.

"Oh ya, thats Devir an Elite."Eagle Owl said.

"Okay... I'll pretend I understand what you just said..." Kyra said. "Am I the first demigod to join the Inferno Squadron?"

Kyra's POV

I'd been wanting to know the answer to this for some time becase then there would be someone else there who understood what I've been through, which is much different then Eagle Owl. I lived my whole life thinking my father was my step-father, Rick. I lived a life of lies. I never liked lies. And finding out that I was a demigod and my step-father wasn't my real father wasn't an easy thing to take. I had always wanted to be a demigod after reading Percy Jackson, but it hurt to know that my mother would keep a secret like that from me.

Then while I was at camp, my best friend and half-sister, Jessica, went missing. I also found out my half-sister, Annalise, could see through the Mist all this time. And she didn't tell me. It was part of the reason she hated the Percy Jackson series. Percy Jackson almost blew her up while she was in Toronto, shopping. The other reason was that she always considered the Percy Jackson series to have only been created to compete with Harry Potter, the book that ruinned my life of lies even more.

I was obsessed with Harry Potter when I was in fifth grade and my class still hasn't given it up. They still called me Harry Potter, Harry Potter's Girlfriend, or even Harry Potter's Boyfriend just before I went to Camp Half-Blood. I've considered it the worst book ever since.

That is why I wanted to know if there were any demigods in The Inferno Squadron.

"Yes,the other members are me,Devir and some of his elite friends,Carack and Wolf sword.Oh and one more thing,Wolf sword thinks every girl is hot and will try to flirt with you so I would try and avoid him if I were you."

Eagle Owl then took off his helmet and put it on a shelf.He had brown hair,brown eyes and white skin.(I'm not being racist)

Chapter 5- We Meet Two More DemigodsEdit

Kyra's POV

Wow... Apollo must have liked him a lot to bless him with looks like those... I bet he has a 6-pack under that armor...(A/N: When a guy is beautiful it is Apollo's doing. Apollo is the god of male beauty. Aphrodite is the goddess of female beauty) Wait! Did I really just think that?!? What the hell is wrong with my brain?! Curse you, Aphrodite, CURSE YOU!

"Yeah... Okay... I just might do that..." I said, mentally slapping myself for thinking that Eagle Owl was hott. I pulled out my iPod. "Is there Wi-Fi here? I don't need it, but it would be nice to have connection to my friends..."

"I don't know... we might, I've never checked."

"Then never mind. I'll live without it." I shoved my iPod back into my pocket.

"You know, it might be a good idea to add me to your contacts on there. In case you need to contact me."

"Good idea." I pulled it back out of my pocket and handed it to him. "You may as well do it."

3rd Person POV

Later the next morning..."Ha ha beat that!"Eagle Owl said to Devir.

"I already have."

"Curses..."All of a sudden shots started going off and explosions. "We better go check it out."Eagle owl said while grabing his battle rifle. Carack came running up to them and said

"There is a battle going on over there and two people name Bard eric and Viper are helping to keep the brute away from the base."

"Ok then,lets go."Eagle Owl said running off.

Carack ,Devir, Kyra and Eagle Owl ran into the battle. Devir took out his energy sword and stabbed a brute in the chest while Carack took down to more brutes with his shot gun.Eagle Owl pulled out his dagger and it transformed into a sword.He then sliced a brute while dogding some spikes.

Eagle Owls POV

I need to get that brute cheiften before he gets me.Well Devirs doing a great gob of killing and Kyra is doing just fine,........................what the,I'm in the middle of the battle and I think of that?


"Wow that was to close."I nearly got hammered once again.

3rd Person POV

Eagle Owl then jumped behind the brute and stabbed him in the back.

"Well thats done"Eagle Owl said while looking at Bard eric and Viper walk up to him. "And who are you guys?"

Chapter 6 - We Meet Some EmpousaEdit

Bard Eric's POV

"Well thats done" some guy wearing weird armour says, looking in me and Viper's direction as we walk up to him. "And who are you guys?" he asks.

"I'm Bard Eric and this is Viper. I'm a demigod." I say.

Kyra's POV

I walked up behind Eagle Owl just as the girl said she was a demigod. "You're a demigod?" I asked.

"Yeah. Demigod daughter of Hades."

"I'm a demigod daughter of Apollo." I was holding back a happy squeal. I had spent too much time away from demigods. A year and a half. I'd spent that long traveling to nowhere. I missed demigods. I extended my arm to Bard eric and we shook hands.

"Were you at camp a couple years ago? That's the last time I was there..." I said.

Viper's POV

"Which one is Eagle owl'?" I thought to myself

Eagle Owl's POV

What the **** are these people talking about?!? "Ok well I'm Eagle Owl this is Kyra,and over there is Devir,Carack and Wolf sword."

Right at that second I knew that Wolf was going to make his fail attempt to show off or talk to them.

Third Persons POV

"Hello ladies." Wolf sword said with a smile. The impression on Eagle Owls face was -.-"

Kyra's POV

"Hey." I glanced at Eagle Owl and giggled at the expression on his face. The upper left corner of his head was throbbing. He stomped off.

"So... Do you have a boyfriend or..."

"No, I will not have s*x with you!" I screamed, interupting him. I knew that's not what he was going to say, I just wanted to get him in trouble.

I saw Eagle Owl pause and turn around. He looked pretty mad. He walked up to Wolf sword and sacked him. Wolf sword fell to the ground, clutching his crotch, and groaning.

"I didn't say I wanted to have s*x with her!" he said between groans of pain.

"Imbecile"Eagle Owl hissed at him.

Eagle Owl's POV

I wonder what Kyra was thinking right now.I then walked off towards the training grounds.

No one was there ,good thing too because I wasn't too happy.My anger wasn't helping me focus so I missed the target a lot.

Kyra's POV

I looked down at Wolf sword and said "That's what you get when you flirt with all the girls. Try that again, it'll be even worse." I smirked and walked off.

Third Person's POV

Eagle Owl noticed something different about one of the targets

.Then he suddenly realized it wasn't a target. "Ahhhhhh!!!"yelled a charging brute while wacking targets out of his way.

"Get them!"

"Roger Roger!" Eagle Owl was being attacked by droids and brutes.

He took a throwing star and got a brute in the neck.He then took cover while he pulled out his battle rifle.

"Need any help?"

Eagle Owl looked up to see Carack and Kyra.

"Glad you could come."Eagle Owl replied.He then took a shot at an brute near by.Carack lunged a gernade at some battle droids.Kyra's earings and backpack transformed and she took a bomb arrow and shot it at a brute making him explode.

Eagle Owl saw two caraboka sneaking up on Carack and Kyra.He pulled out his sniper and took a shot at them right before they were going to shoot them in the back.

Carack then took a shot at a commander droid hitting hid head off

Kyra's POV

I know it makes no sense that I like to fight in wars, seeing I'm one of those people that is very big on the whole "PEACE" thing, but it sure beat being forced to go to the YMCA to jog with my mom, like I would've done if I'd never been a demigod.

I pulled out another bomb arrow and blew up a few brutes.

That's when I saw the empousai. There were about seven of them. I knew they wouldn't hurt me because I'm a girl. Though they might, if they were really hungry. They would go for Eagle Owl and Carack first. And to make it worse, unless they could see through the Mist, what they saw was seven beautiful teenage girls.

I pulled out a celestial bronze tipped arrow and aimed at one of the empousa. I let my fingers roll off the string and for the arrow to go soaring.

I watched as the arrow hit the empousa and she desolved. I did that to two others and glanced over at Eagle Owl and Carack to make sure they hadn't seen them yet. I knew if they'd seen them, they would stop fighting and stare because it was unlikely that they could see through the Mist. Even though it seemed impossible to me, they would see them as beautiful. I found that impossible because of the miss-matched legs--one with fur and one that looked robotic--and the fangs, it didn't seem possible for them to be beautiful.

I shot another one with a celestial bronze tipped arrow and did the same for two more.

I thought I'd got them all when I saw one behind Eagle Owl. She was creeping up behind him, like she was going to strike.

I pulled out another celestial bronze arrow and aimed it at the empousa.

"Wait! What are you doing?!" I heard Carack shout.

"Getting rid of the beast!" I answered.

"But thats a beautiful girl!" obviously he wasn't granted the ability of sight.

"No, she's not! That's just what you see! The Mist covers your proper sight!"

"What do you mean, the Mist?!"

"I mean the thing that makes it so mortals, like you, I guess, see what they want to see and not what really is! Like this empousa!" She seemed to be ignoring us, her eyes on the prey.

"Empousa? Isn't that one of those things in Greek Mythology that have weird legs and stuff?"

"Yes! Now can I shoot it?!" Her mouth was inches from Eagle Owl's neck, fangs bared. Eagle Owl was too absorbed in getting rid of the droids and the brutes to notice.

"Yeah, do what you want because apparently I can't see!"

"You can't! Not properly!" I slid my fingers off the string and the arrow hit the empousa right in the neck. There was a slight shreek and then she desolved. The shreek seemed to catch Eagle Owl's attention and he whipped around.

"What was that?" he asked. "Oh, just a beautiful girl that was going to kiss your neck and Kyra killed it." Carack said.

"It was an empousa. Carack saw it as a beautiful girl because of the Mist. It was going to bite your neck, not kiss it. Mist is the thing that makes it so mortals, like you two, see what you want to, not what really is, which is a lot scarier than it is with the Mist. Even I can't see through it sometimes. It can fool even demigods. The only people it cannot fool is mortals who can see through it."

A laser was shot just above my head and that's what brought us back to reality.

Viper's POV

I was lost in the base, then I got a little sleepy

"I'll just take a nap under this..." I said as I looked up

"Tall leafless...bamboo tree" I said, sadly, Then I heard lasers. Then I started running through the base, trying to find where the lasers were coming from. Then I came to the training grounds, I saw droids and brutes and a teenage girl hiding behind a tree. I walked towards her and said...

"Are you lost?" I asked her

"Blech" She said, then she tackled me. We both fell on the floor, then I felt something on my neck, I looked down to see she was biting me. Thanks to that b@stard scientist, I lived.

Chapter 7 - The Very Long Chapter With Too Much In It To Figure Out A NameEdit

Kyra's POV

We whipped out the rest of the droids and brutes and I realized I hadn't eat anything in at least a day. I felt my stomach growl.

I looked at Eagle Owl. "Consider yourself lucky."

I walked back to the base

I could feel Eagle Owl's stares till I got inside.

In the kitchen...

These people sure have a problem with lack of food. The only thing I found in the fridge was a few apples. I took one out and rinsed it off. I bit into it and sat down on one of the stools. I looked around the room and noticed a telephone on the counter.

I walked over to it, picked it up, and went through the phone book. Finally, I found a number for pizza and ordered two large pepperoni and a medium Hawaiian. I'd never tried Hawaiian and Hawaiian had pineapple on it. Pineapple is my favourite food.

I walked into the hall and yelled "I ordered pizza, if anyone wants it!"

I knew it didn't matter, I'd most likely eat half of a pepperoni and the whole Hawaiian with how hungry I was.

When I get this hungry, I can be ravenous, most likely, if anyone tried to stop me from eating my pizza when it got here, I'd bite their hand off, then shoot them with seven poison arrows. That's how it worked.

I almost half wished Wolf sword would try, so I could have the satisfaction of murdering him and his perverted mind. I probably wouldn't do that at any other time. But I don't want to kill someone. Even if it is Mr. Creeper. That κάθαρμα (A/N: I dare you guys to look up what that means. XD)

Viper's POV

I sat down on a bench just outside of the base

"Shouldn't Otacon be here by now" I thought to myself. Then a Gekko fell from the trees.

"Moo!" Said the gekko, while firing its railgun. I dodged the bullets and unsheathed my sword and slashed at the gekkos legs, and it fell down and exploded. After that, someone stabbed me in the back with 3 knives. I looked back and saw Daniel Treacus AKA "Vamp"

"Foolish mortal" He said, then he hit me with the handle of one of his knives, and...I passed out. The last thing I saw was a blonde girl (not Kyra, elderly blonde woman to be more specific) and I was in a really familiar place

"Mom?" I asked

Kyra's POV

I was right. I did eat half of the pepperoni and the whole Hawaiian. Can you blame me? I hadn't eaten in two days. Plus I was sorta bored when the pizza came. I eat when I'm bored.

I wasn't that nice to the delivery guy either... I doubt that Domino's Pizza will ever deliver here again. I called him a son of a b*tch in French... then an asshole in Greek and a few other things too. All 'cause he said I was hot. I could tell that guy was one of those guys that only wanted s*x. I even ended up threatening him with one of my arrows. I'd even had the arrow set up on the bow and pointing at his chest and everything. He didn't seem so scared till I said the arrow would make him get rabies then he would become really ugly for a month, and finally he would die and be sent to the Fields of Punishment. He'd stood still for about a second, then dropped the pizza and bolted for his car.

Don't get me wrong, I don't care if people flirt with me. I care if people flirt with me for s*x. I was also grumpy from lack of food and wanted my pizza.

I left the leftover pizza on the table and went to practice a bit.

After practicing a bit...

I walked into my apartment and collapsed on the bed. I was so tired.

I pulled myself up and dragged myself over to the bathroom. I took a warm shower and changed into my pajamas. I got into bed and fell asleep instantly, unable to read anything.

Eagle Owls POV

I went into the base to check the time and it was 12:00!

"Hey Eagle Owl."I then turned around to see Wolf sword.

"Oh hi."I said to him.I went straight to my room.It wasn't that messy but there was some pieces of papers on the floor and my desk was really messy because I was working on making weapons and stuff.I walked past them and went to sleep.

Kyra's POV

The next day...

I turned onto my side and glanced at the screaming alarm clock. 6:00 AM. I groaned and rolled out of bed. I dragged myself around my apartment, getting changed and all that.

I hate mornings.

I grabbed my backpack and wished, for the hundredth time in the past two months, that I was not a demigod and that I could have a cellphone so I could call my mom and my step-dad.

I ran into the training grounds. I only practice with normal arrows just in case I accidentally hit someone, it wouldn't be so bad. I've never it anyone, but you can never be too safe.

Then all of a sudden I had a knife in my side. I turned around and saw Wolf sword there, staring at the knife as if it were an alien from outer space.

"Did you throw that?" I asked, getting angrier by the second.

"Ye--Yeah.... It was an accident..." he said.

"Oh, you are going to wish you were never born." I screamed.

I pulled out a fire arrow and pointed it at his nose.

His eyes widened and he turned around to bolt away, but he got nowhere before I could shoot the arrow. It hit the back of his head, burning off a patch of his hair.

I put my bow away and pulled the knife out of my side, wincing. I clutched my side and prayed to my father that it would heal fast. I got out my bag of ambrosia, broke off a piece, and ate it.

I turned to Wolf sword who was feeling around his scorched head in disbelief.

"You are so lucky I didn't use an arrow that would kill you." I said.

"I realize that."

"I almost did, but if I killed you I wouldn't be able to torture you anymore." I snickered.

"I'm sorry about the knife, it wasn't on purpose. Why would I hurt a girl as beautiful as you?"

"You are going to be so sorry you said that." I walked away, grinning.

Eagle Owl's POV

There is nothing to do!I already practiced training,there hasn't been any Taricta around to pwn,and....I'm Bored!

I then went to see what Carack was doing but of course he wasn't there.I then went to Odst grievous's room and he wasn't there either.I then checked all of the rooms and no body was in the base!Were is everyone I thought.

So I went outside to go look for someone.Thats when I saw Wolf sword.Next thing you know I'm laughing my head off because of his bald spot.

"Its not that funny you know."Wolf sword said.

Well I found Wolf sword,but where is everbody else?

Kyra's POV

I was completely out of ideas for a prank. Too bad Travis and Conner Stoll are at camp. They have the best pranks on the face of the planet. I sat on my bed and brainstormed. I thought about the make up thing the Aphrodite cabin did to Travis and shrinking his clothes like the Aphrodite cabin did to Conner. Neither of them were good enough.

Then I decided to do a series of small pranks.

I went down to the kitchen and ate one of the apples. I went into the living room and found Eagle Owl sitting on the couch, looking bored out of his mind.

"Hi." I said, and sat down next to him. "You look bored."

"Yes,there is nothing to do..."Eagle Owl replied.

"I get it. I'm pretty bored too." I said. "Do you have any ideas for a prank that I could play on Wolf sword? He called me beautiful. Now I need a prank of some kind."

"Wait... Is that bald spot your fault?" He burst out laughing.

"Oh, yeah. He threw a knife at me. It was an accident, but no one can stop me when I'm mad." I lifted up the side of my shirt to reveal the healing wound.

"How did you get it to heal so fast?" he said in amazement after his laughing fit was over.

"I prayed to my father and ate some ambrosia. My father is Apollo, god of healing. Ambrosia is the food of the gods and demigods can eat a little bit at a time. If we eat any more we could, like, explode or something. It's the same thing with nectar."

"Well we could put a sandwich out to loor him in and have something fall on him or something else like that?"Eagle Owl said.

"A sandwich? What does he really like sandwiches or something?" I pulled my shirt back down.

"He will starve if he doesn't eat a sandwich every day!"Eagle Owl replied

"Really? Wow! I, personally, am not a fan of sandwiches. I don't think I've had a slice of bread since I was ten."

"I don't even remember the last time I had a sandwich."

"Me neither. But, if you say he'll fall for it, then okay."

"Shall I go make the sandwich?"Eagle Owl said with an evil grin.

"Yeah, sure. Just so you know, that grin is creepy."

"What?I can't help it,this going to be awsome getting back at Wolf sword."

"I know you can't. And it is going to be fun."

He got up and walked over toward the kitchen, to, I guess, make the sandwich. I got up and went back to explore the forest a bit.

Ava's POV

I steadied my bow, then shot. The arrow pierced through the target, making a bulls-eye. I grinned, I was too skilled at this. I had been traveling on my own awhile now, and wished I could just find life. I heard something just as I was about to get the arrow from the target. I turned around and saw a rabbit hopping towards me, I glared at it.

"Stupid rabbit." I muttered, pulled out my arrow, and flung it at the rabbit, hitting its neck. It lay limply as blood trickled out of the wound, I sighed, I killed too much, I always needed a fight. At least it was food.

I bent down to pick it up when I heard something, again. It sounded too large for a normal rabbit so I readied my knife.

"Whoa, you don't need to kill me!" they replied, it sounded like a girl, maybe 13 or something. I turned around, still with my knife in my hand. Her eyes traveled to my arm which was covered in scars. She raised her eyebrows.

"You're emo, right?" she said. I glared at her and felt the ground shake, then a split of created in the earth, fire shooting from it.

The girl's brown eyes widened. "You're a demigod?" she asked. I nodded, "Yes, daughter of Hades."

"So...what can you do?" I sighed,

"I'd rather not tell you, where'd you come from anyway?"

"A place." she muttered, I could tell she was keeping a secret.

"You're name at least?" I mumbled.

"Kyra." she replied, "Yours?"
"Ava." I replied through gritted teeth, I disliked something about this girl, and I could tell she had more secrets.

"I'm a demigod daughter of Apollo." she added. I acknowledged this with a nod then stared at this base type thing.

"What's down there?"

"Um, a base." Kyra muttered. I raised an eyebrow, not believing her.

"Mind if I look around it?"
"Of course I mind!" she blurted out, then covered her mouth.

"So, it's important?" I asked. Not waiting for a reply I ran towards it and saw a few people there, some looked up at me. A boy walked towards me, and naturally I stopped.
"Who are you?" he asked.

"Um, Ava Colman, a demigod." I muttered. He looked over my shoulder as Kyra jogged after me.

Kyra's POV

I caught her sleeve and said: "What are you doing?!"

"Checking out the base!" I could tell I wasn't making that great a first impression. She was glaring at me like I was the one thing she hated the absolute most in the world. The only other person who ever glared at me like that before was Spencer Burke three years ago when I was 11.

"Look. I'm sorry. I'm just not in that great a mood. Let's start over. I'm Kyra Musika, daughter of Apollo." I held out my hand for her to shake.

Bard Eric's POV

I am out hunting in the forest when I hear a thwaking sound. I follow the noise, and pretty soon I see a clearing a few yards in front of me. Making sure to keep very quiet, I approach the clearing and see a girl shooting arrows at a target. The bushes rustle nearby, and I freeze in place. There is someone else here. A rabbit hops out of the underbrush, and the girl throws an arrow at it, piercing it's neck. There is another rustleing, and the girl draws her knife. Someone from behind the girl says "Whoa, you don't need to kill me!" and the girl whips around. Kyra has stepped out of the trees and is watching the strange girl. I kinda space out (I do that a lot) until I see a crevice appear in the ground, shooting flames from it. I snap back to attention. That girl is a daughter of Hades, like me! I think. I don't hear much of what either Kyra or the girl says after that, but the girl starts running towards the base, and Kyra chases after her. I start following them, trying to stey unseen. It's pretty easy, seeing as neither of them is taking any cares to stay concealed, unlike me. Having camoflauge pants and a forest green hoodie on help too though. I get too far behind them, seeing as they are running and I'm just slipping between shadows, so I shadowtravel back to the base, figuring that is where they are going. When I get there, Kyra is introducing herself to the girl. I appear right behind Kyra, and both she and the girl both jump. "You're a daughter of Hades?" I ask girl, at the same time as the girl asks me the same question.

Eagle Owls POV

I then walked out of the base to see three girls.Kyra was one of them.I quickly stopped walking and my mind went blank.I pulled out my sword ready to attack just incase.

"Who are you?!"

Just before she was about o answer Wolf sword walked up to us.

"Hello lahhh!"

I quickly shot a shadow blast at his feet which made him jump.

"I am not in the mood for your god d*mn flirting"I said to him.He then quickly ran off.

Everyone was then silent facing Eagle Owl.

"Ok...I did not just shoot darkness from my hand."I said not wanting everyone to start asking questions.

Kyra's POV

I rolled my eyes at him, though, he did look cute when he was trying not to have to explain everything. OH, MY GODS! APHRODITE, GET OUT OF MY HEAD!!

I looked back to Ava and Bard Eric. "Never mind, then. You guys can get to know each other and all that..."

I walked into the base to find a TV or something.

After finding nothing to do...

Why don't they have a TV?!?! I checked everywhere, there are no TVs in this building! How do these people live? No food. No TV. I would die.

Carack walked in and simply pressed a button on a remote.Then a part of the wall flipped and there was a plasma screen TV on it.

"Just press the on button on the remote."he said and walked away..

"Oh..." I felt dumb. Why is it this type of thing always has to happen to me?

I sat down on the couch and flipped through the channels. It was about 9:30 PM and it was a Tuesday, so Glee should be on. I found it and put the remote down next to me. This show always seemed to make me feel better about myself because their lives suck so much more than mine does -- or did. It's okay now. Also the show was all singing and dancing -- my two favourite things.

Bard Eric's POV

It's pretty late, but I'm still up. Thats one of the many cool things about not having any parents, that is except godly ones, but they don't care anyway. I'm exploring the base, trying to see if there was any place where I can make weapons. You see, I was also a blacksmith. I know what you're thinking, doesn't that make me a child of Hephaestus? No. I'm just a child of Hades who's a really good blacksmith as well (I actually am a blacksmith in real life too). Pretty soon, I find the blacksmith's shop and see that it is equiped with all the tools that I could ever need to do my work, making armour and weapons. There's also all kinds of metal, stygian iron, celestal bronze, regular bronze, regular iron, steel, everything. I get down to work making some more throwing knives, I have almost run out because I hunt with them. After a few hours working, I go back to my room and start reading.

Zack Auditore's POV

I quickly rolled a grenade into the room. The girl watching glee flew about six feet in the air as the TV exploded. I whirl around. A really angry looking kid is standing there. I won't be needing Eagle vision to see that he wants to kick the crap out of me. he raises a gun. I raise my fists. The kid raises an eyebrow. The hidden blades unsheath. I slice his gun in half and sprint for the exit. I pass I dumbfounded guy with a.....was that a wedding ring? Next to a door saying:'Bard eric's room'. I get out of the building. I start to climb it. I then punch some guy in the face. I just keep running and jump off he building. "Dad, anytime now." I'm talking about Ouranos. i land and sprint into the forest.

Eagle Owl's POV

"Imbecile!"I cursed.I was not in a good mood,and on top of that some idiot runs in,blows up my plasma screen tv,hurts Kyra,slices my gun in half and then punches my friend in the face as he runs away.

He was not going to get away with that.I usually don't get this mad but hey,you can't blame me.

'Third Persons POV'

Eagle Owl suddenly turned into his elemental form.He then took off fast headed into the forest.The bases power went off for a few seconds and then turned back on after Eagle Owl was away from the base.

It was dark out and his Owl like abilitys would help him find the intruder.From far away you couldn't see him ,but he could probably see you.

Wolf swords POV

"Come on whats taking her so long to open up the doorrahhh."I then looked up to see a figure fly by realy quickly.

SLAP! PUNCH! KICK! Oh, my nuts.....

"Oww" I said. 'My english teabags.....

"NO!"Bard eric screamed in my face and then slamed the door.

Chapter 8 - The IntruderEdit

Kyra's POV

A stared down at the 4 inch gash on my leg. It didn't seem too deep. I pulled out my bottle of nectar out and poured some on the wound. I prayed to Dad and stood up, taking off my earring. I limped outside, arrow ready on the bow. I didn't know what I was looking for, but I guessed if the TV was going to explode, there had to be something wrong.

There was a girl I didn't know... about... 14 years old. She had a ton of tattoos and she was killing monsters at the speed of light, basically. There was a monster I didn't know, it was like a mixture between a centipede and an alligator. She killed it like it were the easiest thing to kill the world has ever known.

I aimed my arrow at a random monster and shot it. The arrow sprouted in the monster's back and it fell over.

I limped towards one of the strange monsters, bow with a bomb arrow at the ready.

The girl saw me and her eyes widened. "No! Stop!"

"Why should I?"

"That's a Ravener Demon!"

"A WHAT?!"

"A Ravener Demon! Arrows won't kill it!"

"Oh really?" I let go of the string and it hit the Ravener. It exploded, but didn't do anything.

"What did I tell you?" she took out a strange blade I'd never seen before.

"What is that?"

"My seraph blade." she stabbed the demon and it rolled over, dead... well... that's the least bloody way to put it.

"What's with the tattoos?" I asked, noticing she'd wiped out all the monsters.

"What tattoos...? Oh! My runes, you mean? They're pretty cool. See this cut?" She pointed to a 3 inch cut that looked pretty deep. "Watch this." she pulled out a long opal rod. She traced one of the runes with it and the cut started to heal till it was only a scar.

"Woah... Can you do mine?" I pointed to the healing gash on my leg.

She shook her head. "Sorry. It would kill you. I'm part angel, see. Nephilim. A Shadowhunter. I kill demons. I can use these without it killing me."

Viper's POV

I woke up in a house, on a couch. I rubbed my eyes, but my fingers felt weird, like skin. So I opened my eyes and saw that had nothing but boxer shorts on...WAIT WHAT!?, Then I stood up

"WHERE IS MY ARM-" I was interrupted by a woman, she said to calm down but I didn't. The next thing I knew, I passed out...again, and I had a syringe on my left leg. Then I woke up in a dumpster with my armor back on, who would put me in a dumpster?. Then I made my Visor go down and searched the Military base maps for the ISB, I stood up and turned invisible and ran to the base. I jumped over buildings, slid on roofs, then I made my way to the outside of the base

"I sense something..." Then I tried to gasp, but I was interrupted in the middle of it by a punch to the face, then I fell flat on the ground

"Oww" I stood up quickly and threw a nightstick at him...or her, but I missed and it bounced on an electricity pole and hit a bird. I went inside, then I went in the barracks and lazily lied down on my bed.

"Who's my roommate" I thought to myself.

Third Persons POV

The guy jumped from tree to tree trying to get as far away as possible from the base.He suddenly stopped.Below him were two Guards with staffs,a bunch of super battle droids,a brute commader,and The Mandarin.The intruder,or guy that attacked the base decided to listen to see if he could find anything important.

"Get the ships ready."

"Roger Roger!"

BOOOM! One of the ships was suddenly hit by something.Then a giant bird flew down onto a powerline.

Zack Johnson's POV

I sit in the bushes, watching as the angel girl recover's from slaughtering the others. I run to another bush. The angel girl and another demigod turn. Good. i could use a good fight. I phase, switching into the body of the demon prince Verx, as I prepare to avenge the deaths of the demons that too me in. get ready to die angel girl.

Lizzy's POV

"I'm Lizzy." I said and extended my hand for the girl to shake.

"Kyra." we shook hands and I put away my stele. "I'm a daughter of Apollo."

Bard Eric's POV

I am in the blacksmith's shop, working on a stygian iron battleaxe, when I sense that something was wrong at the base. An intruder perhaps. I had just finished the battleaxe, and my sword was in the armoury and it would take too long to get it now, so I heft the battleaxe and shadowtravel just outside the base. Kyra and some other girl are fighting some monsters, some of which I have never seen before, which is odd seeing as I've fought almost all the different kinds of monsters. Kyra shoots a bomb arrow at one of the strange monsters, and the arrow explodes, but the monster is unscathed. That's weird I think. Then the girl stabs the monster and it falls over. Then I see a shape moving from bush to bush around the two girls. I sense the same thing as I had before in the shop. That must be the intruder I think, moving closer to see what he is doing. Then he changes shape, becoming some lizardlike creature. A demon, I think, then How did I know that? and then However I know that he's a demon, I have to stop him from hurting anyone! Using my power as a daughter of Hades, I create a box of obsidian around the demon, with walls 5 feet thick. That should hold him for a while I think.

Zack J's POV

Figures, some heroic demigod decides to try and stop me. Amusing. I phase into my human form. The blast has enough power to shatter the obsidian. "Pathetic. A daughter of Hades should be able to do better then that. Especially you Bard eric." I phase again and grab her head. I toss her towards the angel girl and lunge out. A chidl of ares and demon warrior against a demigod and a half angel. Bring it.

Lizzy's POV

I grabbed one of my daggers and threw it at the weird hybrid demon/human thing that didn't seem to be a warlock, faerie, lycanthrope (werewolf), or vampire. The dagger sprouted at his shoulder.

Bard Eric's POV

Huh. like throwing me around by my head will make me stop. It just makes me mad, and when I get mad, even Hades can't get me to stop fighting, that is until my enemy is dead or defeated. Even if I die, I'll keep fighting. That means this demon/demigod better watch out. I pick myself up from the ground. "Not a demigod and a half angel, TWO demigods and a half angel. And one of us is a child of the Big Three." I say, taking my battleaxe out of my belt. I summon up my army of half a million (thats five hundred thousand, by the way) invincable skeletal warriors. I give them an order and they circle in around the demon/demigod, making his escape impossible. "We should bring him back to the base to show to Eagle Owl, and if he doesn't cooperate, I'll get Hades involved. That wouldn't be good for the prisoner, seeing as Hades doesn't like demons, even demons fused to demigods. And a god is MUCH stronger, and more powerful, than a demon."

Ava's POV

My knife hit the tree, splitting the bark. I grinned, I was getting pretty good at this. I heard something behind me and turned around, there was a a demon thing around a the girl whose name was Bard Eric I think and this girl with tattoos all around her body. I gulped, I knew I wasn't that good at throwing knifes, but it was worth a shot. I prayed to Hades that I wouldn't kill anyone, not even hit them, and threw the knife. It landed in the demon's neck and that thing turned to me. It looked like a normal human, but had demon feaures. Before I realized it, the thing walked towards me. Bard Eric looks at me, but doesn't seem relieved. Then I realized knifes have no effect on this being. I create a crevice in the ground to stop it and as soon as I do the demon grins at me in a dreadful way, I know this can't be good. I finally notice the skeletal warriors around it and slap myself, they were going to show this human to Eagle Owl, ugh, sometimes I'm so stupid.

Third Persons POV

Eagle Owl spotted the intuder/guy/demon/human or whatever he is called.A whole bunch of skeleton soilders were around him and a girl.He flew down nearly wacking a skeleton soilder a few yards.

The bird/Eagle Owl starred at the demon/guy/human/intruder angirly.

Kyra's POV

I sighed. This place has a tendancy of being attacked. I spotted a bird flying just overhead. It seemed to be starring at the demon/demigod hybrid. I knew they were all angry about something and that Ava was now here, but that's all I knew. I wasn't really paying much attention.

I started daydreaming. Then an image popped into my head that I will have to blame on Aphrodite. An image of me kissing Eagle Owl. I quickly erased the image and forgot it ever existed... well... tried to, at least.


"What do you think, Kyra?" they all turned to me and I didn't even know who'd spoken.

"Wait... what?"

Ava's POV

I snorted as she "awoke" from her daze. Bard Eric glared at me and I rolled my eyes.

Kyra's POV

I glared at Ava.

"I don't know that I want you to know what I'm thinking right now..." I said.

"What do you think we should do with the Downworlder?" Lizzy said. "I say we take him to The Clave. They'll know what to do. But that would include taking him to Idris, which is on a plane."

"What are you talking about?" I said, confused out of my mind.

"The Clave is the government for Nephilim."

"Whatever, I don't like the idea of taking him on a plane."

"Well, I have to contact them, at least. And tell them there's a new type of Downworlder." she insisted.

Ava's POV

I had no idea what her and that girl were talking about, when I heard the word Downworlder I blew up. "What the heck is a Downworlder!?" I yelled and naturally everyone glared at me, and for once, I felt my eyes start to water, I was tired of people thinking I was creepy, strange, and abnormal, even my half-sister thinks that. I saw an image in my mind, an image of people yelling at me, calling me weak, stupid. Their faces looked familar. I gasped, it was a few Squadron members. THis is what they really though of me? A burden?

If they really thought this then I'd leave this place, leave it for good.

The image faded, and I realized I was laying on the ground with everyone standing over me. I never gave them a chance to speak, instead I ran.

Third Persons POV

All of a sudden a couple skeleton soilders went flying up into the air.The prisoner quickly made a run for it.He went towards the opening when a black figure came out.He quickly picked the prisoner up while he tried to dodge him.

"Now now,going somewere are we?"said the Mandarin.

Eagle Owl then shot a lighting bolt at the Mandarin,while the prisoner escaped his grip.

"Don't make me have to kill one of your friends."said the Manadrin to Eagle Owl.

And this triggered Eagle Owl's elementary form.He quickly flew righ at The Mandain at full speed.

Right before he hit him The Mandarin made him teleport.

Eagle Owl teleported right infront of the prisoner that had been trying to escape and the only thing he could think was"Didn't see that coming."Eagle Owl slammed into him and they both fell onto the ground.

Kyra's POV

"I'm just going to... go..." I limped (from the still healing, but no as fast as it should be, gash on my leg) to my room so I could get my bleeding leg properly fixed. I knew the intruder had gotten away, I just didn't care. All I cared about was getting the pain in my leg to go away.

Ava's POV

I ran towards a dark looking forest without saying a word. I didn't care what they thought right now, I just needed to leave, go somewhere and think. That's when I saw the intruder. He seemed to be going in almost the same direction I was. Though I tried to kill him I greeted him, and oddly he acknowledged this with a nod. I took out my knife when I heard something. I seemed almost scared to look behind me, but turns out it was a startled rabbit.

"Who are you, anyway?" I asked after a few hours.

He didn't answer so I assumed he'd rather not talk to me. It was near dark when I was having second thoughts about this, but they were strong enough already at the base without my butting in. Like I was strong anyway, people liked to say I was weak, but sadly I could do nothing about it.

Eagle Owl's POV

I walked into the base exasted from what happened before.It was 9:00 at night and we couldn't watch TV.I decided to go and walk around the baseWhile I was walking I started thinking about random things.I then thought of me and Kyra kissing,and thats when I walked into a wall...ouch.The Carack poked his head out of one room.

"What happened?"

"Oh , nothing."

He closed the door and I kept walking. I started to walk to the far side of the base since I never was there often.

Sarah's POV (Angelfire11)

I was lost, I had a quest. To find Chiron, but I got lost. After 10 hours of searching, I found a small military base. I went inside and knocked on the first door I saw, Then it opened. Standding there was a cyborg-like 11 year old

"H..Hi, my name is-" I said

"Sarah, right" he said

"How'd you know?"

"I can read minds, now what do you want?" He asked

"I wanna know who runs this place"

"Ask for a guy named 'Eagle Owl', He'll tell you where to go" He said, then his visor retracted... WOAH! HE'S SO...wait...I can't let personal feelings distract me in my quests. I thanked him and started looking for "Eagle Owl"

Zack J's POV

Well, that was weird. Especially the image of the guy and the girl making out. Ew. Yes, while in demon form and can hear peoples thoughts, if I want. If there was one thing I noticed, is that they all seemed to really not like the girl who chucked a knife at me. I phase. "Ugh." I climb a tree quickly. I look around and notice something flying towards me. The unearthly shriek was all to familiar. I phase. Projecting my thoughts, I say: Up for a rematch Kampê?

Kyra’s POV

I sat on my bed, leg up on a pillow. It turns out that just because a cut looks shallow, doesn’t necessarily mean it is. The cut on my leg was really quite deep. Also, there had been glass in it from the TV’s explosion, so I had to make the cut deeper to get the glass out. I had my headphones in and was listening to music while I wrote some of my novel. I was listening to Walk on the Water by Britt Nicole. Don’t even ask me why I was listening to a Christian song, because I don’t know.

I got bored of writing and put my notebook away. I started singing with the music.

“…What if I’m overtaken?

What if I never make it?

What if no one’s there?

Will you hear my prayer?

When you take that first step,

Into the unknown,

You know that he won’t let you go…”

I continued to sing, seeing I had nothing else to freaking do.

I stared up at the ceiling. I could get up, but then the cut will take longer to heal. No matter how boring this is I still don’t want to wait even longer for the stupid cut to heal. I’d already had so much ambrosia and nectar that I was afraid to have any more. It wasn’t doing too much. I prayed to my dad… Uh… 150 times? Something like that…

I wished for the hundred billionth time that I had a TV in my room… and a cell phone. You know what? I DON’T CARE IF IT ATTRACTS MONSTERS! I AM GETTING A CELL PHONE! After I get the money…. Maybe I should contact a Hermes kid…

I stopped singing and decided that having a gash down my leg for a month was better than being stuck in here.

I got up wincing and limped over to the door.

I went into the kitchen and took out the last apple. I sat don't at the table, biting into it.

Eagle Owl's POV

Well I decided to go clean and reload all of my weapons.I walked past the door to the blacksmith shop and wrote down a note asking if Bard eric could make me some more of my throwing stars.After I was done cleaning I remembered something.

I called everyone to the main room.After everyone got there I was going to show them something.

"Okay everyone,I forgot to mention something when you all joined,except for Devir,he already knows this.You all get one of each of these."I said while pulling down a leaver.Then a wall lifted and there were seperate shelfs with different things such as cellphones,headsets,laptops,and mini pens that can shoot out a small laser at the tips.

Viper's POV

After the meeting, I went back to my apartment. Since I was still curious about who my roommate was, I went into his/her room. Then I saw the "Annoyer" AKA Sarah

"What are you doing here!" I asked

"I'm your new roommate" She said

"But guys aren't allowed to be roommates" I said

"Well, whate-" I interruppted her by vomiting

"Well, now that its your room" I said while shuting the door. I went outside the barracks and into the Blacksmith's shop, read a note eagle owl wrote for bard eric and started making Daedric Armor .

'Bard Eric''s POV

After the meeting, I went to the blacksmiths shop and saw a note from Eagle Owl asking if I could make him some more throwing stars, so I got down to work. After a couple hours, I had made about 50 throwing stars, out of all different kinds of metal, some celestal bronze, some steel, some stygian iron, some regular iron, and some regular bronze. I went over to the grinding stone from the anvil, and sharpened them. Then i wrapped them up in a peice of leather, and put the package on a bench by the door, with a note telling Eagle Owl that they were his. Then I set to work on a project that I had been working on for a while, making some armour that could transform from regular clothing into armour, and then back again.

Zack J.'s POV

I punch her in the face. I kicked your a** last time, what's gonna make a difference this time!? I. Hate. This. Stupid. Excuse. For. A. Demon. She flies past me, grabbing the girl by the hair. That must really hurt. I jump over That pathetic snake/dragon/Human thing and bite her wing. She desperately tries to knock me off, but not before I tear off her wing. She drops the girl. I run, catch her, and put her in a tree. Stay here. She nods, looking shocked. I jump back into the fight, eating Kampe's other wing. Oh, that's disgusting. I rip her head in half. She falls lifeless. i kick the corpse and phase back. I look at the girl. "People like me don't really see people as burdens Ava."

Ava's POV

I touched the back of my head and my guess was that it was red."Er, thanks." I mumbled to the boy. He nodded in acknowledgment and I thought I, for once, had a friend, or something close to one. I gazed at Kampe's body thinking, shouldn't it be golden dust by now? I shrugged, I guess that only happened with celestial bronze and similar material. I wondered if I should really be a part of the Squadron, but staying in one place seemed stupid, seeing as monsters could easily kill you that way.

Chapter 9 - The Craziness Begins Edit

Kyra's POV

I I opened the laptop and downloaded MSN. I logged on to find that not a single person was on. I changed my status to "I got a cellphone and a laptop! it's awesome. ;)" I then logged off and went onto formspring to answer the questions that I'd been asked since I last got Wi-Fi. There were 2.

1)(Q) Why are you so bored all the time?

1)(A) I don't know. I guess I just never have stuff to do. :)

2)(Q) What;s your most embarrassing moment?

2)(A) Okay... probably the time I missed the target with my arrow at camp... then it hit my crush instead, that. Was embarrassing.

And then I got bored... Like really bored... Like fall asleep on your laptop, bored...

Eagle Owl's POV

Well I decided to go with Devir and take out a brute comand post on an island.I was then going to see if anyone was going to join me and Devir on our mission.

Zack J.'s POV

I. Am. Going. Through. Nightmare. H***. I see the other downworlders that the angel girl slaughtered getting cleaved in half. Kampe eating Me. My phased form turning to jello. Not fun at all. I hear this scream and wake up. I look around, expecting to see some death monster attacking Ava. Nope. Apparently I phased in my sleep, and Ava had poked me. Now, she looks a LOT like a female me in demon form. Oh gods.......

Lizzy's POV

I don't understand why everyone thinks my kind, Nephilim, kills a lot of Downworlders. It's against the Law for the Angel's sake! We only bother them if they bother us. And even then, we aren't supposed to. Just like vampires aren't allowed to drink human blood and the Night Children (vampires) aren't allowed to start a war with the Moon Children (werewolves), or vice versa. Especially if we don't know the type of Downworlder. We have no idea how it reacts to attacks and everything.

I had contacted the Clave in Idris (secret country in between France and Germany. Mortals disappear at one boarder and reappear at the other). They said to leave it be, they'd send a representative later.

Kyra's POV

My head jerked off the laptop. I turned it off and got up. I pulled out the cell that I'd turned off. I'd already painted peace signs and music notes and stuff. There was a lot of purple and lime green and yellow... I smiled at the creativity and shoved it back into my pocket. I went down to the training grounds.

There, was the bald-spotted Wolf sword, practicing. I burst out laughing and took off my earring, turning towards the archery targets.

Eagle Owl's POV

Me and Devir walked outside and past the training grounds.

"Okay see ya ,me and Devir should be back around 4:00 and if we don't,feel free to come find us."I said to them as we walked by.After an hour of walking we stopped to see a giant dead....whatever it was.After a while we came upon the brute outpost we were going to destroy.

I pulled out a flash bang while Devir got out his energy sword.I chucked it at the brutes base blinding the brutes for a short time and...wait, is that a human?That human got in the way of my flash bang too.

Viper's POV

Once I was done with the armour, I took it into my apartment in a glass case. Then I went to the dojo and started training. By the time I was finished, I had already learned "Hapkido" and "Mi Tzu". Then I went to the Blacksmiths shop and accidentally fell into a couldron with some kind of black smoke,Then I went back to my apartment.

Sarah's POV

After I finished cleaning up HOTNESS' Vomit, I fell asleep. I had the most romantic dream about Viper, we were on a beach and it was 16 years from now, and it was raining. I walked up to him and he asked me if he could "have this dance", I said yes. And then an instrumental version of “Worderful Tonight” started playing.

“I love you” He said, then he kissed me. Then I woke up because of Viper saying

“ARE YOU CRAZY!?” in real life, from his room.

Mala's POV

I wondered where I was going, but all I knew was that I had to leave the evil place, the place where my parents were killed. In went through my pack and found a knife there. I guess I had packed it to cut off plants to eat, but I could also use it if the bad people came back.

"Mom..." I whispered, "Dad." I know they would never answer because they had died, but couldn't they have somehow escaped the bad man?

I saw this weird thing as I flew over the trees and screamed, whatever it was it was bad.

Eagle Owl's POV

The guy ran up and said"What the hell was that for?"

"I didn't see you there,and who are you?"I said

"I should be asking you the same question."Was his cocky answer.

"I'm Eagle Owl the leader of the Inferno Squadron."

"The names Zack."All of a sudden Carack,Wolfsword,Kyra,Viper,and Bard eric came running towards us while shooting at some of the brutes.

"Thought you would need a little help." Kyra said

"You didn't tell me you had a girlfriend."Zack said to me trying to embarress me.

"Shes not my girlfriend."-_- just great,now hes gonna start anoying me I thought.

Kyra's POV

I wish...

"What did you say?" Eagle Owl stared at me.

"Oh, sh**..." I muddered. DID I REALLY JUST SAY THAT ALOUD?!?!? 'Hades,' I thought, 'Take me now.' I then said: "Um, nothing?"


But the boy who thought I was Eagle Owl's girlfriend just had to ruin my life and say: "She said 'I wish.'" he smirked.

Eagle Owl's POV

It then went quiet.The expression on my face was O.O.Ya I wish too but,now is not the time I thought.

"I don't know if you're lieing or not but,you are going to help us finish this battle one way or another."

I then quickly ran out from behind the cover and hucked a gernade up in the air while throwing stars into a brutes chest.

Mala's POV

I wandered into some base of some sort, and I new my mom and dad had to be here, or were here. There were banners with fire on them around the base. I walked into some girl with blonde hair and I smiled at her. "Hi." I greeted. The girl looked at me, "Are you lost?" I nodded.

"Yes, my father and mother were killed by the bad man, and I'm the only living superhuman left."

"The...bad man?"

"Sylar." I whispered, I could barely say his name aloud.


"He cut peoples' head open and eats a part of their brain, gaining there ability. He almost got mine, but I found a way to escape and flew into the clouds." I girl looked like she couldn't believe me. I couldn't blame her. "Want me to show you?"

"Sure.." the blonde girl answered. I gave her a smile and crouched, then pushed. The air went through my hair as if it was nothing I grinned. I felt alive in air, more alive then I was on the earth. "Whoa..." the girl breathed.

"Sylar killed pretty much all the humans," I explained, "and now he's after me."

"But you're so little! Why would he kill you?" the girl asked.

"Sylar doesn't care, he just wants power." I mumbled. The girl looked at me, shocked the said, "I'm Kyra."

"I'm Mala Fin." the words rolled off my tonuge as if I had never spoken them before with was true. I never made any friends at my past schools, mainly becuase everyone thought I was mental. "Can you fight?" Kyra asked. I shrugged. "I never really tried, hey, is that a sword?" I asked. Kyra looked at me, then back at the stray sword. "You can see through the Mist?"

"I guess." I murmured, not knowing what the "Mist" was.

"Then try and fight with it, you seem to young for a mortal gun." she said.

"But aren't you too young for a sword?" I countered.

"Well, yes, but they don't have age restrictions." she replied. I grinned, I liked this girl, she seemed almost like a sister to me.

Eagle Owl's POV

"Oh ****"I mumbled out of breath while running.I quickly came to a stop standing infront of the base.I then turned around.My eyes went wide and I ran into the base.

"You can't escape me Eagle Owl!"

I ran through the halls untill I came upon an opening to the forets place we had in our base.I was surprised at first seeing this giant bird thing creature flying up high.It flew down closer to the floor and ...wait is that a girl!!!

"Kyra who is that!"I yelled to here in surprise.

"I'm Mala Fin"said the girl.

"Quick we need to hide!"


"Hes here!"

"Whos here?"

I then smacked myself in the face because she kept asking me questions.

"The Mandarin!"

"I see you've brought your helpless friends to stop me.Well,well ,well who do we have here,Mala is it?"He said

"How do you know me!?"Mala said shocked

"I know Sylar just as well as you do."

I then took a few steps back."What do you want from us."I said

"You owe me for all that mischief you and your friends have caused for us."He then shot a shadow blast at Eagle Owl.Eagle Owl blocked it using his own.Kyra pulled out an bomb arrow and shot him in the head making a small explosion.The Mandarin got back up and shot a shadow blast at Mala.She quickly launched herself into the air dodging it.Shing!The Mandarin pulled out his sword and sliced at Eagle Owl but he ducked and the tree behind him got cut.

"This is a waste of my time."He said then teleported sending a big dark wave sending the three of us flying.We crashed into a tree and hit the ground. blacked out for a sec......I then looked around,and got up quickly because I was lying next to Kyra and didn't want to get smacked in the face because she thought I fell beside her on purpose.I dusted all the dust off and...

"Okay that is just hilarious."I quicklt turned around to see Zack standing there laughing his head off.

"Hey,it wasn't my falt I landed there!"

".....what's going on...."Kyra said a little dazed while getting up.

"umm....."I said not knowing what to say.

"Did you two make out?"Zack said.What the h*ll is wrong with this kid,was he trying to get himself sacked.I have no clue how Kyra is going to respond to that question.

Kyra's POV

"No... We didn't make out..." I said. I had no idea what was going on. No matter how much I wanted to kiss Eagle Owl, I never had. "Why do you care anyway?" This guy was asking to be sacked. He really was.

Mala's POV

I didn't know what they are talking about, nor did I want to know. I looked at the person named Zack. To me it seemed like he thought that Kyra and the bird person where boyfriend and girlfriend. They didn't seem like it to me. I hoped that bad man didn't come back, but if he knew who Sylar was maybe he could help me kill him, or at least stop him.

Zack A.'s POV

Nobody appreciates good humor anymore. "Who says I care? I enjoy being a pest." Kyra attempts to sack me. I take a step to the left and bring my knee up. She flips over and lands on Owl. Hilariously, her mouth landed on his. "Will I ever get a chance at you Sylar?" I mutter. I climb up a tree quickly. The cloak did a good job protecting me from the branches. I look down. Heh. The lovebirds got knocked out when Kyra landed on Owl. I laugh so hard I fall out of the tree.

Eagle Owl's POV

I then shot a shadow blast at his feet and he jumped up in surprise.

"Woooow settle down."he said. I shot another blast at him,and he barely dodged it when something hit me right in the forehead after my shadow blast exploded in mid air for some reason.Ouch.I fell onto the ground knocked out by whatever hit me.I didn't see anything fall onto the ground after I got hit,maybe it sliced into me....but then I would be dead...........

Mala's POV

(I'm assuming Sylar is here at the present moment)

I gasped as the bad man slowly cut open Eagle Owl's head. I had to do something, everyone else was pushed aside by Sylar's power, but I somehow wasn't. "STOP!" I shrieked, "I won't let you kill him like you did to my parents!" Sylar turned to me, breaking the connection of where he began to slice Eagle Owl's forehead off.

"Ah, Mala, so good of you to join me, would you like to me killed first instead of your friend?" he asked politely, I hated how his voice was so calm.

"No, I'm not going to die tonight, Sylar." I hissed.

"Hm, that won't do, little girl." Sylar replied, "Either you die or he does."

"Then I die." I whispered.

"Good girl." Sylar replied and smiled, point his finger at me. I felt my forehead open. I screamed in terror, but Sylar still held everyone back with his power. Then I remember that day when my parents were killed.

"Momma! What's happening?" I asked.

"Shh, don't talk, the bad man will get you." Momma replied. I did as she ordered. Suddenly I heard footsteps. "Mala, hide!" momma commanded. I hid in a closet and stayed there. Then I heard Daddy yell, then Momma, then I hear the bad man. "Thank you for your powers, generous people, now to find your daughter." The bad man said. I stayed in my closet, but I knew Momma and Daddy were dead. I bit my lip as I heard the closet open. "Momma?" I asked, but it wasn't her. "MOMMA!"

"Shh, little girl, your mommy is sleeping." the bad man said. "Daddy?"

"I'm not your Daddy, I'm here to put you to sleep." I looked at him, then he pinned me to the wall. I started to scream as he pointed his finger at me, opening my head. I fought it, fought it hard. Then, I was free. The bad man cursed and I flew away.

If I could stop it then, surely I could stop it now. I opened my eyes and tryed to oush Sylar's power away, and I gasped as it finally worked. I fell to the ground, weak. I looked at Sylar and saw him glaring at me.

"I'll be back." he spat and ran towards the forest. "Mala..." Kyra whispered.

"I'm fine." I wheezed and blacked out.

Eagle Owls POV

I quickly woke up after all the yelling and talking, sending up a bunch of dark plasma into the air hitting a bird,trees and knocking down some branches.Then something wet hit the open spot on my forehead.I saw Kyra neeling down beside Mala.

"I think I'll rest beside this tree because I don't feel to good...."I said while falling into a deep sleep.

Viper's POV

"Where is everyone?" I thought to myself

"This is like high school all over again" I said (Viper went to high school for two years, when he was 8)

"Eagle Owl! Kyra! Where could they be" Then I ran around the base looking for eagle owl

Chapter 10 - Aphrodite Takes OverEdit

Kyra's POV

I glanced at Eagle Owl. He had fallen asleep under a tree. Typical boy behavior. I rolled my eyes. Then I noticed the gash on his forehead. OH MY GOD! Iuckly ran over to him and started to slap him, trying to wake him up. "No. No. Please, wake up! Please be alive!"

You're not supposed to fall asleep when you've got a cut on your head! You could die in your sleep! I continued to slap him, back and forth across his face. Nothing happened but red marks starting to apear on his face. I put my ear to his chest and listened for his pulse. I heard it and sighed in relief. He was alive. Thank the gods.

Eagle Owl's POV

"What!"I said startled.I noticed something different but what could it be...WTF.

"Why is there a feather on me?" I said

"How am I suppose to know that?"she said back.I tried to take it off but I hurt,wait did I just say it hurt!?

"Oww!"I said after plucking it off my arm.My arm started to bleed a tiney bit.I quickly got up and saw some more on my arms.

I looked...I have a fricken tail!

"Whats happening to me!?" I said confused.For a second I thought maybe it was just my head playing tricks on me because I was still tired.

Carack came running towards us while I started to dose off.

"What happened!"he said shocked.

Zack A.'s POV

I run in behind Carack."HOLY F***! YOUR BIRD-MAN!" Then a break down with laughter. I look and Kyra and do this little thought projecting thing I can do. Only she heard it. This'll make things difficult for when... you get the idea. Then, I ran the hell away.

Kyra's POV

I didn't know how to respond. I heard Zack's voice in my head! It was so weird... But what he said really bothered me. I think... I think I officially wish he would shut up, die in a hole, burn in Tartarus, then f*** himself. I doubt that'll happen, though.

I looked at Eagle Owl, with all his feathers and the tail, for once, he wasn't all that attractive. I wondered what the hell was happening to him.

EagleOwls POV

Next thing I knew, I was a giant fricken bird.I checked myself in the mirror and once I got the hang of walking I was gonna scare Zack to death.I was in my bedroom and I guess put me in here just incase.It was very hard opening the door because I couldn't really grip it.Once I got in the hallway I quickly headed to Zacks room.Oh and I was an owl too.My vision was awsome.Anyway,I heard someone coming down the hallway so I had to run to his room because I didn't want anyone freaking out.My talons kept on scraping the floor making a tapping sound.Once I got to his room I quickly tried opening the door which took a while and burst in yelling.Zack jumped up in surprise to see me stading my "human"form.

"Uhhh hi."

"What the heck was that for and your not bird man anymore?!"He said

Of course I somehow turn back to normal at the wrong time.My hair was messy and thank ....somebody for still having my cloths on.Few.Wait,could I be dreaming?

I then walked back out of his room and went to grab something to eat.I was extremely hungry.

Kyra's POV

I walked into the kitchen looking for something to eat, knowing perfectly well that there wouldn't be anything there.

I saw Eagle Owl, no longer a bird, on the phone. He was sitting at the table and his hair was kinda messy. Gods, he looked so hot like that! (Aphrodite, I hate you)

"I said one large pepperoni and cheese, not a medium anchovies!" he said into the phone."… in an hour. I'm timing you!" he hung up the phone. I looked up and seemed to finally notice I was in the room.

"Earlier... Did you really say you wished I was your boyfriend...?"

"Yes..." I wispered.


"I said yes!" I shouted.

He gasped at me.

Eagle Owl's POV

I was a good way.I noticed she looked "hotter" today,maybe because she was wearing different close or maybe make up,I couldn't really tell .Well it went silent after that,so I decided to be the first one to break that silence.

"Well ,I wish too."I said ,while looking up at the clock checking the time to see when I was going to get my pizza.You know I half expected myself to take a bite out of the table I was so hungry.

Kyra's POV

I looked up. Oh my gods! He wishes too?

He got up and walked over to me. It looked like he wanted to say something, but I didn't let him. I grabbed his shirt and pulled him closer to me.

Then I did something I'd wanted to do for a long time. I kissed him.

Zack A.'s POV

Whoa. Alright hadn't expected that. Yes I followed and watched. I'm an assassin, sue me. I sprint across the base to Wolf's room. This is gonna be great.

Wolf sword's POV

"Are you sure this is a good idea?" I asked Zack nervously. "You'll get to see how Kyra kisses people." That boosted my confidence. Zack dressed me up as Harry Potter. "You know what to do." He says and dives through the window of Viper's room. I grab the broom stick and yell:"You'll never escape me voldemort!" I jump past the window and land on the ground. i yell my second line. "AHH! My english teabags!"

Eagle Owl's POV

I nearly fell over after she kissed me.I stood there for one minute amazed not moving.

"That ...was....amazing."I said

"You'll never escape me voldemort!"


"Ahh my english teabags!"

"What the hell?"I said confused.Kyra laughed at my reaction.

Kyra's POV

"Your face is hilarious right now. But, I agree, what the hell?" I scowled. "I hate Harry Potter. He can go f*** himself for ruining my life."

"What do you mean?" Eagle Owl asked.

"I read it. I was obsessed with it for the longest time. People in my class contiueously teased me for it. It sucked." I stopped scowling and smiled. "So, I'm a good kisser, am I?"

Zack a.'s POV

I collapse laughing. I laugh all the way through Viper throwing into the room Owl and Kyra are in. I see the look on Kyra's face and got the hell out of there. but not before I yell: "He wouldn't know, It was his first! Now excuse me, I'm going to tell everyone, particularily...." Owl's face becomes horrified as he catches my meaning.

Kyra's POV

"S***" I said. Now, the whole base will know we kissed. That is never a good thing. Too many questions. "Are you dating?" "When did this start?" Blah blah blah... It's so annoying.

Third Person's POV

Eagle Owl blasted out of the kitchen after Zack turning into elemental form.He put his talons out grab both if Zacks arms and shoving him to the ground.Eagle Owl was getting ready to slice Zack in half with his talons.

"I was kidding!"he said trying to move out of Eagle Owls grip.Eagle Owl stopped holding him and changed back.

He turned around to see kyra.

"And yes,you are a good kisser."He said to her.

Kyra walked up to Zack and sacked him.

"Aahh my english teabags!"he said while falling to his knees.

"Don't you dare tell anyone about this!"she yelled to him, then turned to Eagle Owl and said in an entirely different voice, "And, thank you." she turned back to Zack. "IF YOU DARE TELL ANYONE, I WILL SHOOT YOU WITH SO MANY POISON ARROWS, YOU WON'T BE ABLE TO MOVE FOR A VERY. LONG. TIME."

She turned toward the door and left, leaving the two boys staring after her.

"I don't want to get on her bad side."Eagle Owl said then turned around and walked to his room to continue biulding something.

Kyra's POV

I went to my room and took a shower. I couldn't stop wondering if me and Eagle Owl where still just friends or if it was something more... I sure hoped it was something more...

I went to get into bed when I saw a shawdow outside my window.

I grabbed my bow, just in case, and opened the blinds. There, kneeling to the ground, was a girl, a little older than me, by maybe a year.

She had black hair and there was a coms unit in her ear that she was whispering into.

"Yes, I'm at the base..." she whispered. "No, Becca, I will not take pictures! Sometimes I wonder, Becca, if you really should be in the spy buisness!"

Spy? What the f***? "Ahem,"

She turned around and her eyes widened when she saw me. "Busted." she said into the coms unit. "Uh... hi?" she winced away from her coms. I could hear the laughter from all the way over here.

"Could I ask what you mean by spy?" I said.

"Uhh... No?"

"Fine, then what's you name?"

"Jessica. Jessica Williams."

Viper's POV

“Wheee!” I said while on a swing in a playground near the base, then all the kids started looking at me… F***, I forgot!

“What’s with you” One kid with a weird haircut asked

“Uh” I said, then I turned invisible and ran to the base. I had a feeling something was wrong,

“Hmmm… Eagle owl likes Kyra… AND SHE FEELS THE SAME WAY!” I said, then I thought what would happen if they got married. I bet Kyra would have killed me if she could read minds. Then I went inside the base and into my room.

Zack A.'s POV

I swing into Viper's room. I drop the video card and sprint out the door. I run into Safira's room (she'll be mad, as she likes owl, although she did beat Kyra to the punch at kissing him) I drop the card and leave. I spend the next two hours delivering the video cards. Along with notes saying that they're from Wolf. The whole base will know that Kyra and Owl kissed. I laugh quietly and slow down. And i start flying into a wall and through it. Mid-flight, my arm hit Owl and he flew through a door. When i ran back to see if he was ok, he had flown into Kyra's room and had landed on top of her, knocking them both out. There is this other girl lying there killing herself laughing. I turn around. Great, these firebending morons. I draw my knife and start running towards the incoming fight.

Eagle Owl's POV

I woke up to find myself laying on Kyra. I quickly got up because I was afraid she might get mad at me and slap me and what would happen if somebody saw me and her laying there together.I ran out of the room to see firebenders shooting fireballs at

Zack,Safira,Carack and Bard eric.I caught up to the and through a shadow blast at one of the soldier.He dodged it and took cover behind a tv,my tv.I wasn't going to hurl a shadow blast at the tv,that would suck,1200 dollars would go up in black flames

Safira's POV

Well, crap. Life just got insane for me. I'm ninja-annihilating these fire morons, BUT KYRA AND OWL KISSED! I owe wolf about ten bucks for this. I see Zack get sent flying through Owl's TV and land on one of the taricta-turds. Kyra joins the fight, but soon gets knocked on top of Owl, knocking the both out. I vent my feelings by breaking one of these guy's necks

Chapter 11- CampingEdit

Eagle Owl's POV

I got up to see the room was a mess and the Tarictas were gone.I walked up to Zack to see him beside my TV.

"WHAT THE F$CK YOU BROKE MY TV AND WHY THE F$CKEN H$LL DID YOU SEND THAT PICTURE TO EVERYONE YOU $SSHOLE IM GONNA BLOW YOUR F$CKEN HEAD OFF!!!!!!"yelled at him and then kicked and walked away.When I slamed the door I nearly broke it.I think I got everyones attention because everyone went to the room I was just in.

Kyra's POV

I saw Eagle Owl stomping down the hall. He looked angry.

I stopped him and pulled him over to the wall.

"Tell me what's wrong." I begged. "Please."

"I hate that stupid guy, Zack. He broke my TV. Told everyone..."

I grabbed him and kissed him quickly.

"Are you okay now?" I asked after I pulled away.

"Uhhh ya."He said ,calm all of a sudden.

Devir's POV

I walked into Eagle Owl's room. he sat at the table, his face covered in soot. i mentioned increasing taricta activity about six miles east of us, and he was instantly declaring a camping/scouting trip. I made the list of who is going. I spoke into a speakerphone. "Attention! emergency scouting trip in order. People who will come:Eagle owl, Kyra, Zack, Bard eric, safira, Wolf sword and Carack. Come to east exit with supplies. About a half hour later, everyone had arrived. "Alright!" I yelled. i have created the list of who's going. But, due to lack of tents, some people will have to share. Zack will be on his own, Wolf sword with Kyra, Eagle owl with Safira, and carack with bard eric." They left.

Zack's POV

what the hell are they thinking?

Wolf sword's POV


Safira's POV

This'll be a wondrous night.............

Kyra's POV


Third Person's POV

"Ok lets get going because we want to get some distance before we have to set up camp."Eagle Owl instructed.They then started walking.Most of the way everyone was pretty silent except for one time when Wolf sword started buggging the girls.

After two hours they finaly stopped..

"Ok,both tent partners will help each other put up their tent,while me and Zack get a fire going.Then we will eat and get some rest."Said Devir.The others then went to work puting up the tents.

Zack's POV

"It's a good thing a installed metal clamps in Wolf's sleeping bag." I say to Owl. "Huh?" He looks confused. "When I heard Wolf and Kyra were sharing a tent I put clamps in to keep wolf from doing anything. Besides, you have dibs on that area of romance." he gives me the middle finger.

Wolf swords POV

Yes, I get a girl in my tent!

"Help me set up this tent you lazy moron!" Kyra yells at me.

"Ok ,ok hold on."I say.

Caracks POV

Well there gonna be up alll night fighting, thats for sure.I hope Bard eric doesn't think I'm a loser like Wolf sword.Anyways,since we were the first ones done we got to eat earlier than the others.I pulled out some food and handed it to Bard eric.She took it and I half expected her to ripe it out of my hands ,I havn't really 'met' with her yet.I've only seen her around the base a few times.

Eagle Owl's POV

We were around second or third to put up the tent. I had trouble nailing it to the ground.When I unfolded it, it nearly wacked me in the face when it flung open. I hate that tent.I'm not looking forward to folding it back up into this small bag.I was pretty hunger so I looked to see what there was to eat.A sandwhich,thermal with juce in it,cookies,hotdogs to roast on fire,and some other things like small snacks.I chose a hotdog.

Viper's POV

"D@mn it! Not again!" I said, frustrated, Then I went to my room

"Where the **** is Eagle Owl" I thought to myself, then I thought about why I'm always left out (Editor's Note: I'm not complaining, I'm just making an excuse to remove the exoskeleton)

"It's probably this STUPID ARMOR!" I said, then I tried ripping my exoskeleton off. I got my right arm out of it, then my left arm. Then soon, all I was wearing was my body suit. I took it off and showered, it was nice to feel something other than pain on my skin. I put on pants and a shirt and went to the Blacksmith's Shop. I placed the armor under an anvil and crushed it, then I put the dot that used to be my armor into a microchip. But I didn't do it intentionally, I knocked over a table and it fell onto the chip

"Hmmm... maybe I can put this into my hand... or neck!" I said, while picking it up

"Alright, quick and painful"

"Brace yourself!!" I shouted while shoving the microchip into my back

"Oh... It didn't hurt that much..." I said calmly

"Moron" A deep voice said

"Who said that!?" I shouted

"I'm your armor, dumbass"

"Huh? How'd that happen?" I asked

"The chip your armor fell into was an AI chip"

"Artificial Intelligence, cool" I said while looking at my armor "So, can I wear other armors?"

"Yes, just save it onto my database"

"I'm not frikkin computer, you do it"

Kyra's POV

"Oh, common. I'm a much better guy then Eagle Owl." Wolf sword said.

I slapped him. "GET OUT OF MY TENT!!!!" I screamed. "I AM NOT SHARING IT WITH A PERVERT LIKE YOU!!! SO, GET OUT!!!!!!" I then grabbed the back of his shirt and threw him out of the tent.

I got into my sleeping bag, slowly falling asleep.

Zack's POV

"I told you not to do that you dumbass." I say to wolf. He starts to say something or other. But I'm not paying attention. Oh hell. Devir's orders were that if anyone kicks their partner out, I'm the instant replacement. I walk over to Devir's tent and open the flap. "Burn in hell you pezzo di merda." I go over to Owl's tent. He's sleeping like a dead man (just an expression) and Safira's...............snuggled up against him. EEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWW! I enter Kyra's tent. Silently cursing whoever runs the luck department. Because I am well and truly screwed. if only viper was here. I could use a good session of building stuff. He's probably having a great time. hell, he's probably throwing a concert of all my favourite bands.

Kyra's POV

I hear someone enter my tent and sit up. Sitting there with a bored expession, was Zack.

"What the hell are you doing in here?" I ask, pulling a not out of my thick hair.

"If someone gets kicked out, I'm the automatic replacement." he says.

"Fine," I said. I got back into the sleeping bag and tried to sleep. No such luck.

One hour later...

"Zack, are you asleep?" I ask. I was seriously bored. I'd been awake for an hour, just staring up at the roof of the tent.

Eagle Owl's POV

After five minutes of laying there I fell asleep.I then started dreaming.I was flosting in the sky when a bunch of clouds floated by.It seemed very peacful.I then felt something warm like there was something beside me but all I saw was blue and clouds.Then everything started to blurr away...

Zack's POV

"No I am not. I've been watching incase wolf tries to sneak in." She rolls her eyes. "Why aren't you using the sleeping bag?" She asks. "Wolf's sleeping bag has metal clamps installed. I added them incase he does, not says, something perverted." She raises an eyebrow. "Why did you do that?" "Well isn't that obvious? Your protection retard. And speaking of protection, Safira is gonna need some after Owl wakes up." She's confused. "What?" "Oh nothing." I resume practicing knife movements. As I wouldn't be sleeping, I needed something to do. I feel something hit my arm. Which is weird, since the italian cloak I wear has armor underneath. I get a little dazed. I look around. Kyra has one in her stomach. She falls asleep. Luckily for me, my armor was thick enough to get it to not puncture my skin. I run to each tent. The only one's who don't have a dart in them is Owl, (Safira looked pretty preoccupied with him) other than that, me. I look into the trees. More fire guys. More than there where last time. I pull out the sword of Altair. I'm his last descendant, so I'm the only one capable of wielding it. "Me against the world. It's Rome all over again." Then the fight began. And these guys made sure I would be the only one fighting.

Eagle Owl's POV

I then woke up to hear these punching sounds and grunting.I find Safira right beside me and I mean REALLY CLOSE.Shes startled by my movement and wakes up.

"What are you doing?"She asks.

"What are you doing ?"I say.I quickly poke my head out of the tent to see a bunch of Taricta fighting Zack.

I decide to try and wake everybody else up by chucking rocks at there tents.After throwing rocks at one tent i got hit by something and thrown back into my tent and I fell asleep again.

Kyra's POV

I felt the tent collapse and the sound of bullent and clanging of swords.

"Sh**." I muttered, looking around for my bow and quiver.

I found it and made my way tithe exit, on my hands and knees. I got outside and found Zack fighting a ton of Taticta. I aimed a bomb arrow at a brute and shot the arrow. It hit the brute and it blew up, sending brute guts everywhere. Gross.

Bard Eric's POV

I woke up when a rock hit the side of the tent. Then another rock hit my head, and I blacked out again for a few seconds. When I woke up for the second time, I heard the sounds of battle outside, so I looked out. Some of the other squadron members were fighting a bunch of brutes. I got my swordbelt, with my throwing knifes on it as well, and put it on. Then I got my quiver and bow and slung them over my back. I went outside and drew my sword, and started hacking away at the brutes.

Mala's POV

Pretty much all the Squadron members left on some camping trip, I was the only one at the base and scared to death. I was worried if Sylar attacked again. I wouldn't be able to defend myself this time. I walked around the base, then stopped at the targets, I might as well do something. I picked up a bow and an arrow. I aimed at the target and shot. The arrow just barely hit the it.

"Nice, for your first shot." someone complimented. I jumped in surprise as a weird thing walked in front of me. It was like a demon thing, the same one I saw before.

Kyra's POV

I shot a few more arrows and noticed Eagle Owl and Safira wern't there helping.

I ran over to their tent and open the flap. Eagle Owl was lying there passed out... With Safira cuddled up to his chest. I positioned a normal arrow at Safira (not at her heart, of course. That would be just mean. I aimed at her leg). I let go of it and I watched as the arrow struck her leg.

I Smirked and closed the tent flap before she could see (basically as soon as the arrow hit her leg, I bolted).

Eagle Owl's POV

I heard a scream and woke up to see Safira with an arrow in here legg.I quickly grabbed a medical pack and helped her cover the wouned.I then charged out with my sword and stabbed a brute in the stumach.I then thought for a sec that there were no brutes with bows and arrows.....yep,it was kyra.Great,now shes gonna think stuff that wasn't true and ya.

After all the brute were finished we packed up and started moving again.I tried to stay away from Kyra because I was afraid she would smack me or something for the whole Safira thing,and hey,it wasn't my falt because I was nocked out at the time.

Woa.I almost tripped.I noticed my feet were dragging...I mean TALONS!Great now my owl form thing iseffecting me again.I just hope nobody freaks out at first.Plus this has happened before and I'm sure I'll go back to normal soon.I just gotta stay behind everyone and try not to be noticed untill I change back...

Chapter 12 - Edit

Kyra's POV

I felt my throat start to tighten. Oh, no. I started uncontrolably coughing and weazing. I was having an asthma attack. I didn't have a puffer; they never worked for me anyway.

After ten minutes of coughing I collapsed and passed out. I don't know if anyone noticed that I was coughing and weezing so much, I was coughing too much to notice.

Zack's POV

Oh crap. I lop off a nearby brute's head and jump through the fountain of blood. I run towards Kyra and whip out a custom built inhaler of mine. I shove it in her mouth and blast it. She wakes up. Shakes her head wildly and grabs her bow. I get her to a good sniping spot nearby and as I leave, I realize something. I'm coughing up blood that isn't mine.

Eagle Owl's POV

I was back in human form,that was good.Two brutes charged.I sent out a blast of energy sending them flying.Another one came up from behind me but I blasted it sending it into a tree trunk.We then came upon a giant fortress in the middle of a forest A.K.A.

Taricta base.Up high on one of the towers there were turrets and archers.They then opened fire on us.We took cover behind some trees for a bit.I checked to see what was going on at the base to see a whole wack of droids charging at us,along with bruteson turrets and archers.Ya,great. I knew there was only one way of getting elemental form.I then transformed into a giant bird and flew at the droid army smashing a couple of droids then flying straight up the wall.I got to the top and landed on a brute and turret ,smashing them with my talons,then whipping out a couple archers with one powerful and electricle blow from my wing.I looked down to see that Devir and the rest were charging at the gate after taking out the last bit of droids.I then flew down and turned back to human form again.I nearly fell because of all the energy I used.I decided to sit up against the fortress to catch my breath.Now that we toke out the ground force and the brutes ontop of the walls we could get some time to try and open the giant door.I did't have enough strength to do that at the time so it was up to the others to fix that problem.

Viper's POV

"Oh, cool. There's a storm... maybe I can teleport" I said, I closed my eyes and next thing I knew, I was beside the whole gang

"Hello." I said

"SHUT UP!" My armor asked me

"No, why are you so mean to Me!?"

Eagle Owl's POV

"Well what now?"I asked.We could charge,or sneak in.

Kyra's POV

To answer Eagle Owl's question, I shot a bomb arrow at the wall at the far end. It blew up and all the gaurds ran to check it out. Idiots. That's the oldest trick in the book. I grabbed Eagle Owl's hand and started running toward the entrance before the gaurds started coming back.

Eagle Owl's POV

As soon as we got through the door and had to send a shadow blast at two gaurds before they stabbed us in the gut.We then hid behind some crates,probably had some extra supplies in them,so that we wouldn't get killed right away.

"Okay,good job,now we need to get to the biuling in the middle."I said to kyra.

"We could make a run for it?"she said.

"I know,I could make a forcefield with my darkness and we could run across to the biulding as soon as we get there you could fire off a bomb arrow,taking out the door and then we're in."I suggested.

"Ok."She said.

"GO!"I said then started running and kyra was right behind me.I sent a forcefeild around us blocking a bunch of attacks.We then arrived at the door and kyra jumped out of my forcefield while shooting a bomb arrow, blowing up the door.We then ran in allmost getting shot and as soon as we got in a giant explosion went off right behind us almost knocking me off my feet.We quickly put the door back and pushed some crates infront of it so no one would be able to get in and kill us.

"Well that was a close one."I said out of breath.

Zack's POV

"Hey! Let me the hell in you dumbasses! I'm still out here!" I whirl around to see a brute chief wielding a gravity hammer barreling towards me. Next thing I know, I'm on top of Kyra. At least I got a soft landing. I jump back Towards the fight and cut a brutes head off. I slice my way through fifty of the morons. kyra's plan didn't work. They knew we were coming. As I begin to see a wraith tank coming at me. Suddenly, an alien being jumps on the tank and begins ripping it apart. It's reptillian. He looks at me. "Who are you?" I ask. "My name is Mectar, Maectar the kian."

Eagle Owl's POV

Since there was an army of brutes I decided to jump in and kick some...oh great these guys are gonna mess everything up arn't they.Then several Taricta Guards joined the battle and I dont mean brutes,these guys/humans were tough because of the fact they can shoot fireballs from their hands.Plus they like to double team you so it makes it hard to kill them.I then shot a shadow blast at one but he blocked it with fire.Curses.They then formed aline and shot fire out making a row of flying fire balls.

"Watch out!"I yelled at Kyra and Carack as we jumped out of the way of the fire.

"How are we going to kill these guys,I tried to shot them but the just roasted my battle rifle."Carack complained.

"I have no clue."I replied.

"YAAAAAAAA!!!"Wolf sword said as he jumped over us while shooting a rocket at the gaurds.He managed to hit onne knocking him off his feet but was hit in mid air and ended up landing on know what.

"Aaaahhh.....My.....Balls...."He said

"See what I mean, what are we gonna do?"Carack said.

All of a sudden one of the gaurds was violently thrown into the air.The others were blasted at a wall or went flying.

"Wow...what was that?"I said confused.Then a boy walked up standing there with a tatoo on his head?

Viper's POV

"Cool tattoo" I said

"Where'd you get it?"

Zack's POV

Me and this Mectar ran back to the others. "WHAT THE HELL IS THAT!?" Kyra yelled. "My name is Mectar. If you want, I can turn into a human." He phases into a human. Mectar huffed. "I see there are a few women on this team. I'll be staying away from them." Kyra sighed. For some reason. Mectar jumped back. "Don't point your guilt rays at me young one!" Confused, I visited his brainwaves. I burst out laughing. "What? This new kid with a tatoo on his head asked. "He thinks girls have guilt rays in their......chest, and guys have brain cells in the d*cks." Kyra's mouth dropped open.

Eagle Owl's POV

Who are these people.First some dude with tatoos and then some lizzard freak.I hope Kyra doesn't think eitheer of these guys are hot...wait,why out of all the questions I have would I think of that one?

Zack's POV

Dude after what the giant lizard just said that's all you can think of? I ask in a thought projection thing of mine.

Eagle Owl's POV

Stop listening to other peoples thoughts unless you want to get knocked out,slapped,sacked or anything else I can think of.I looked at Zack to see his reaction.He gave me the middle finger.Ya, nice guy.
"Well, I think we should head back to base now seeing there is no point in staying here."

We then left.After getting back to the I decided to continue to work on a project of mine.I locked my door and closed the windows first.

Ava's POV

I watched as the squadron members returned to the base. Most disappeared to apartments, but Kyra had been drawn to the Archery Range. I felt an aura around her, like something evil would possess her soon. I took out a knife, gazing at the bronze/golden color. Maybe this would draw whatever evil that was around her away. I looked at Mala, she had gone to talk to Kyra. She seemed almost happy and I wondered how she would react when I threw the knife at her guardian. I wished I was not this demon, but at least Kyra would not know who I was, hopefully. I gulped, still nervous about what I was about to do. I focused on the shadows, bending them around me to make myself invisible. "Φύγε, αυτό το κακό μέσα σου." I whispered, then threw my knife. Steam seemed to coil around it as it went towards her heart, her soul. I heard a gasp of pain from Kyra and yelp from Mala, making me lose my focus. I became visible again and Mala glared at me. I looked at the knife, but it was already fading, leaving a dove in its place. The wound sealed itself and Kyra looked at me with confusion. The dove turn to her, dipping its head. It flew towards me, changing into dust. Mala, apparently, thought I was trying to kill Kyra. I just walked away, though before I could move a muscle I felt pain in my back.

I blinked, seeing that I was returning to my human self. I felt my hair on my back, as well as a knife. Blood soaked the back of my shirt and I became weak. I lifted my head a little, seeing skeletal warriors bowing before me. "Go after the smaller one," I whispered, "and never take orders from anyone else." They nodded, disappearing behind me. I sighed, feeling life going away from me. "Father," I whispered, "I'm sorry." I took the knife out of my wound, letting blood gush out of it. I took the blade to my heart, but paused. I set it beside me, perhaps it my not my time just yet...

Within moments I fell to the ground, almost all life gone from my body.

Zack J.'s POV

"Fugg." I Jumped from my hiding place. Demon form roaring.

Eagle Owl's POV

I was a bit confused on what was going on so I changed into my elemtary form and got ready for whatever might happen.I saw a demon rawring and an army of skeleton soilders,this was about to get exciting

Bard Eric's POV

I wake with a start, a buzzing sound in my ears. Someone nearby is dead, or close to it. But for some reason, the buzzing is louder than usual. Hmm... I hear a roaring sound coming from outside. I get up and go outside to see what's going on. I see the demon dude that had escaped my skeletal warriors near the archery range. I also see some skeletal warriors, not mine. That's weird, I thought I was the only child of Hades here... I think, then, Wait a minute, what about that other daughter of Hades that showed up a while back, but then disapeared? They could be hers. I run over toward the archery range. I'm a few yards from it when i suddenly go flying and land on my face. Note to self: Watch the ground in front of you when running. I get up, and look to see what I tripped over. It's the other daughter of Hades. Sprawled on the ground with a wound in her back, holding a bloody knife. There's blood all over her. I kneel down beside her and feel for a pulse. It's there, but very weak. She's alive, but only barely.

Zack J.'s POV

I kick bird boy and he flies 10 metres into the air. Archer lady fires about six arrows at me. Only one pierces my armor Using my jaw, I bite the arrow and rip it out. I throw it at archer lady and it hits her in the arm. An alien about my size charges at me. The following fight was one of the worst I'd been in. But eventually, I managed to get him to the ground, well, through it. I see angel girl come in. this is why I was here. I lunged. It was hardly a match. I tear off her arm and use it to knock her head off. That other Hades girl is next to Ava. I ignore that. I turn in time to see a kid with an arrow tatoo on his head swinging a staff around. I fly into the air and land. I pass out as bird boy kicks me in the face.

Third Person's POV

Zack J. fell on the ground knocked out. Owl stood tall over him ready to attack incase he got up.Aang walked over to them.

"You can change back you know,he's knocked out."Aang said to Eagle Owl

"Yes I know I was just making sure incase he got up."Eagle Owl replied.He then changed back to human form and pulled out his sword.

"Sooooo.....what happend?"Eagle Owl asked confused.

"Ava is dead."Kyra said.

"Oh..."Eagle Owl said.

"Well I'll be right back."Aang said then headed of into the base.

"Hello ladies!"Wolf sword said while putting his arms around Kyra and Bard eric.

"Ahem!"Eagle Owl said clearing his throat.-.-

"...and Eagle Owl."Wolf sword said.

"I thought you were a girl there seeing that your hair needs a hair cut."

"WHAT! My hair isn't that long.Plus how do I look like a girl."

"I don't know."

Well seeing you think I need a hair cut you can cut it."

"I am not cutting your hair!"

"Well I'm not walking a hundred miles to get my hair cut!"Eagle Owl said and walked into the base.

"Owwb my noze!"Wolf sword said after Kyra punched him in the face with the back of her fist.He then let go of both of them and Bard eric kicked him in the legg making him fall.

"Thanks."He said

"Our pleasure."Bard eric said.

Ava's POV

I was in the Underworld, but I wasn't being judged. I was staring at my father, but there was no emotion within him. I was holding a knife, a blood one, and I felt I hole in my back. "Father..." I whispered, kneeling.

"Ava, look what you have gotten yourself into, that daughter of Apollo, why help her?"

"Father, I'm sorry, but I had to or she would turn evil, kill us all!"

"You think I care about her?" he growled. I gulped, not meeting his gaze. "Ava, it isn't your time, not yet." he muttered, "Thanatos does not agree with your actions."

"But the wound, I should be dead! Who killed me? That girl that could fly?"

"Yes, that strange child. That Apollo child managed to heal your wound a bit so you did not lose all your blood."

"She helped me?" I asked, amazed.

"Yes, she knew what you were trying to do, or at least felt pity." he replied.

"Father, when will I awaken?"

"I will not answer that question, child." After he said that I felt my body getting lighter, then the scenary changing. It was darker now, but almost like a brown color.

I shouldn't be in the world of the living.

Viper's POV

"I'm so confused... I think I'm gonna... uhhhhh" I said as I fell down

"Oh, great" Wolf sword said "He's out cold again"

Eagle Owl's POV


Well what to do now is a mystery.I know, I could watch some youtube on my laptop.I then went into my room and turned on my laptop.I decided to look up some epic fail videos.Some weren't as funny as others and one was totally fake.

Chapter 13 - Another Freakishly Long ChapterEdit

Kyra's POV

I walked down the hallway toward the kitchen. I didn't expect there to be anything in there, I just felt like going to the kitchen.

All of a sudden, someone pushed me up against the wall. I looked at his face. Wolf sword. Of course.

"Wolf sword." I hissed. "Get off me before I have to sack you."

He laughed. "You wouldn't do that."

"Try me." I glared at him.

"Come on, beautiful. Don't be that way."

"Dont call me beautiful. Get off me." I looked down the hall. No one was there. D*mmit...

Zack A's POV

I glanced at my computer, security camera duty sucks. I grab a soda from my fridge and glance at the hallway to the kitchen. I spit out the soda. "What?" That Owl obsessed girl that Kyra shot in the foot comes and looks at the screen. "Oh, good she found someone else." She says coldly. I rush out the door. But before I leave I say:"I wouldn't drink that, I spit in it." I hear a vomiting noise as I run. I see Wolf almost literally tying Kyra to the wall. I draw my sword and one handedly throw him across the hall. I slash open The duct tape he was using. She sprints down towards him. She drops, Safira is standing next to her. Knowing her, she probably paralyzed kyra's legs. I run at wolf sword. Wolf is about to get up. sack him. "Ah, my harry potter teabags!" He screams. "What the hell?" I put my sword on his balls. "Do it again and I WILL castrate you. Got it?" I ask. "Yes." He say meekly. I walk back to Kyra, who is in a head lock. I shoot Safira with dart that'll knock her out. I throw her into Owl's room and head back. I fire-fighter carry her back to her own room. "Your welcome." I say. "Thanks, I guess." She says, looking very disturbed. "Admit it, you're warming up to me." I say.

Eagle Owl's POV

I give an angry look at my door way after Safira was hucked into my room.I wasn't going to carry her back to her room seeing I was really into building a comunication device.So I decided to pretend she wasn't there,and went back to building.

Kyra's POV

I looked over at Zach and rolled my eyes. "Whatever you say. You still irritate me a little bit"

Zack A's POV

"Oh so you are?" I say. "Anyway, you're lucky the sword part of him didn't come out."

Kyra's POV

I rolled my eyes again. "Yeah, whatever. Can you just put me down now?"

'Zack A's POV

"Wow, your mind's boggled. I already have."

She mumbled something and started walking away towards her room.

Viper's POV

"I'm bored" I said to my armor

"Go for a walk then..." my armor said

"Thanks, armor"



And so Viper went to the forest and saw a very familiar girl

"Toph? HEY, TOPH!" I said


Toph's POV (Yay!)

I ran to him, I haven't seen him in two years. Tears slid down my face as I hugges him

"By the way, it's not 'Zyu' anymore. It's 'Viper'." He said

"Whatever, Zyu" I replied

"You look exhausted... let's go into the base"

"Sure... but, what base?"

"Just follow me"

We went into the base and approached another girl

"This is Kyra, she's a demigod... or whatever" He said

"Hi, Kyra. I'm Toph" I stuck my hand out to shake hers.

Eagle Owl's POV

Oh sh*t I thought.An Earth bender,great...She will probably freak on me if she finds out I can fire bend because the firebenders tried to kill the earth benders soo...I should try to stay away from her in battle.

I then walked back into the base before anyone noticed me.

Zack A.'s POV

"Great, more lovebirds...." I mutter quietly. "Excuse me?" The new girl asks. "Nothing. Anyway, I've been assigned as temporary tour guide for new people. So I guess until you've seen the whole base, you'll be seeing a helluva lot of me."

Eagle Owl's POV

I caught what Zack said and hoped that he would keep his mouth shut about the fire bending thing or else.

Later that evening I ended up ordering a peperoni pizza and finished working on my weapons thingy.It was still to early to go to bed so I decided to go watch some T.V. hoping nobody was using it because Zack was giving a tour of the base and Carack and Wolf sword were planing on hanging out tonight so ya.I then headed to the T.V. room.

When I got there I sat down and turned the T.V. on.There wasn't much stuff worth watching.I started watching Ghost Hunters

when I noticed something pass by the window,but when I looked,nothing was there.After five minutes the commercails came on and I flipped to a different channel ,and then I flipped back for some reason.I decided to watch the commercails when I felt dizzy.My vision blurred for a few seconds.I decided to head back to my room and thought the ghost show was just creeping me out.I started walking when I nearly fell.I saw something at the end of the hallway...just floating there.All of a sudden it vanished my vision blurred again and I saw someone come running towards me and all went dark as I hit the floor.

I woke up laying on the couch.

"Wow, must have been a dream."I said to myself as I got off the couch.I went to the kitchen to get a snack.When I got there everybody was there.I then noticed something else,it was black and had a bit of white on its head.It then flew at Kyra and picked here up by the neck choking her I tried to pull out my sword but it wasn't there so I ran as fast as I could but it flew up higer and then Kyra simply dissapered as if she were dead.Then everybody else fell down into a sink hole that just appered below them.I thought it couldn't be happening when everything went all dark.

I could see a light blue glow in the distance.I ran to it when I sudddenly tripped.When I looked up I saw The Mandarin Holding skulls in his hands.

"What a shame it is to not have anybody worthy in your group to fight."He said and then started laughing as he smashed the skulls in his fist.

"Noooo!"I screamed at him.

Then the black ghost like figure came towards me and was charging up some sort of dark ball.It fired it at me and I closed my eyes...

I woke up to feel pain in my left cheek.I just got slapped to wake,thank you ,Kyra.

I was still shaken from my sleep.I quickly jumped up nearly waking kyra in the face.I scanned the room as if something were about to jump up and scare me.

"What are you looking for?"Kyra asked confused a bit.

""I asked in shock. I guess you could say I was freaking out.

"Where is what?"she asked again.

Carack then quickly walked around the corner and scared the hell out of me.

I then fainted still in shock of the very very realistic nightmare also from lack of sleep.I coudln't even tell if I were still dreaming or not.

My head once again hit the floor hard as I fainted.

I woke up for the third time,except this time I pinched myself just to make sure I wasn't dreaming.

I got up and looked around to find myself in my room on my laying on my bed.It was dark out ,still?

How long have I been asleep for?I decided to go look around the base.I tip toed my way across the hall not wanting to wake anybody after finding out it was after midnight.I must have been asleep for quiet a while since I wasn't sleepy at all.

I know! walked slowly into Wolf swords room while he was asleep and saw a book opened on his desk with pictures of some of the girls in the squadron.I wasn't surprised.I picked up the book and threw it into the garbage.This was fun.

I walked into Carack's room wondering what I might find.His room was very clean and nothing was out.I looked in his desk to find a picture of Ark.Didn't see that coming. I walked out quietly and surprised.I next went to Safira's room. In her desk was a bunch of pictures of me, creepy. I backed out and headed down the hall hoping nobody was awake.

Zack A.'s POV

Wow. He's forgotten that I have security cameras all over the base. I also have extra security measures implanted on every wall. I press a big red button. He gets teleported to my room. "Honestly Owl?" I ask. "Crap." He says. "Anyway, you could just come to me next time you want to stalk someone. I press the button again. He lands with a really loud thud in Kyra's room.

"Oh crud."Eagle Owl said to himself after Kyra started to awake

Kyra's POV

I woke up and stretched. There, on the floor, with a surprised look on his face, was Eagle Owl.

I screamed. "What the f*ck are you doing in my room at this time of night?!?!" it was four in the morning. Stalker.

"Calm down! It's not was you think!" he said.

"Then what is it?! If you're not stalking me, what are you doing?!" I yelled.

Eagle Owl's POV

You will pay for this Zack I thought.

"Wait! Zack teleported me into your room on purpose so I suggest you go back to sleep while I go beat the sh*t out of him."

Kyra gave me an angry look.

"Ok fine,you can have a part in beating the sh*t out of him if you want."I said with a sigh as I left the room.

Zack A.'s POV

I see them running down the hall towards my room. "Fun." I press another button. Paintball guns flip out of the wall and open fire. Hilarity. Of course, they make it to my room eventually, looking very pissed. I press my teleportation button and Owl ends up in Safira's room, and Kyra in Wolf's.

Eagle Owl's POV

His fun ends now I thought to myself. I walked out into the hallway as paintball guns poped out of the walls.I mini shadow blasted them as they exploded.I then stopped.

"Uh Zack, you do realise that I could 'destroy' I mean 'demote' you if you continue to attack your own team mates.Also I new rule,no seciruty cameras in each others bedrooms or teleporting divises and if you don't get rid of them then I will have to dismantle 'you' I meant 'them' myself."

I then walked up to him and looked him in the eyes.

"Got it,cause if you don't I'll have to 'kill' I mean 'knock' some sense into you."I said with an evil smile.

I then walked out of his room holding one of the divices in my hand that I tore out of the wall.I gladly crushed it in my hand somehow...

Toph’s POV

“Hmm… What to do” I thought, then I heard Viper screaming

“Why not?” I said as I went to Viper’s room. I opened the door and he was standing on his bed with his sword, he attacked a fly and sliced it in half

“Oh, hi Toph, what are you doing here?” He asked

“I heard you scream, I just wanted to make sure you were okay”

“Oh, I’m fine… thanks”

“You look tired, why don’t you lay down” I said as I pushed him onto the bed “So, what’s been happening ever since you left?” I asked

“Well, as you can see. I removed the armor”

“That’s good”

“What about you, have you found a new guy to like?” He asked as we both sat at the edge of the bed

“Yes” I said


“You” I said, Oh, sh*t. I just made an awkward silence, there’s only one way to cure this.

“Kiss Him!” My brain said. Unfortunately, my body was listening, and did what it said. It lasted 8 seconds

Kyra's POV

I appeared in Wolf sword's room. He was sleeping (thank the gods). It didn't seem was going to be woken up by the thump of me falling on the ground (thank the gods). I looked over at the door and quietly got up and walked towards it. I ran out quikly and slammed the door behind me. I went back to my room and passed out on my bed.

Zack A.'s POV

"Funs only starting Owl." I go to my email and send that earth bending person that old video of Owl and Kyra making out, along with a note saying: "Show this to everyone you know!" I decide to go practice my swordfighting. A bunch of rifles with rubber bullets came out of the wall and began shooting at me. My sword blurred. Rubber bullets flew everywhere after being reflected with my sword. The last one came from behind and I sliced it in two. I glance At my security camera and see mectar and that bald kid having a sparring match outside. Blah blah. I open another camera. "Whoa.............alright hadn't expected that." Well, Viper won't be lonely if he ever gets left behind again.

Eagle Owl's POV

Well I think I'll make up a group of people totake with me on mission to destroy a taricta base.

"Attention,the list of names I am about to call out are going on a mission to destroy a taricta base that has been spotted up north.Be prepared by tomorrow morning at 6:00. Carack,Ark,Viper,Toph,Kyra,Wolf sword and Me."I said into the mic.

Zack's POV

So I'm stuck at the base with Viper and Toph. I walk towards Owl and hand him my assassin inhaler. "And this is?" "The only thing that'll save Kyra's life if she has an asthma attack." I walk back into the base.

Chapter 14 -General Grievous fight Edit

Kyra POV

I heard Eagle Owl's announcement and decided I was probably going to need to pack my other bomb arrows. The ones that can blow up an intire room.

I looked at the clock that read 7:30 PM and noticed I felt like I was going to be sick. Sh*t. Don't tell me I'm sick or something.

I ran to the bathroom. I'm going to have to go with the "I'm sick".

I went to the kitchen after and looked around trying to find something for my stomach when Owl walked in.

I looked over at him. "Hi." I said.

"Hey." he smiled.

"I can't go to destroy the taricta base." I said, sadly.

"What?! Why?!" he asked.

"I've got the flu, or something."

"Oh. Get better soon."

"Yeah. Sorry. I wish I could help you guys." I turned back to the cupboard and pulled out one of the bottles. I examined the lable and opened it. I took out one of the pills and put the bottle back. I took out a cup, got some water, and swallowed the pill before going back to my room.

Eagle Owl's POV

Well that sucks,she can't come.

The next day...

Everyone was lined up outside of the base.

"Ok,does anybody need to use the washroom?...I'll take that as a no,anyways we should get going."I said and then we left headed for the base.

After about an hour of walking we finally got there.

"Ok we are going to split up into two groups.The first group is going to charge straight at the base and kill and tarictas in sight and knock down their door.The second group is going to go aroud and blow a hole through the side of the building and charge in."I said

"Awsome!"Wolf sword said.

"The first group will be Bard Eric,Wolf sword and I.The second group will be Ark ,Carack,andSafira.Any questions?"I said

"Ok good."

I pulled out my sword and ran out towards the base.


"Roger Roger!"said a bunch of battle droids as they started to fire at the group.

I shot a fire blast at two battle droids making the explode.Right behind me was Bard eric and Wolf sword attacking some droids.

Third Persons POV

Inside the base...

"Send in wave two and three,we cannot let them get to the doors."Said a droid commander.

"Why do you think they came here Mandarin?"Said a brute General.

"I think they came looking for this."The Mandarin said while holding up a ring.

Boom! A giant explosion shook the building.

"General Greivous,take care of these...pests.I will be leaving shortly."Said The Mandarin.

"With pleasure my lord."said greivous ,then walked out of the room.

Outside of the base...

Ark,Safira and Carack came running back to help fight off the droids.

BOOM! Wolf sword fired his laser at the base blowing off one of the turrets.

"What are you doing here?"Wolf sword said

"We couldn't get through the walls and plus we were attacked from above."Carack said trying to catch his breath.

Bard Eric and her army were taking on an army of Droids.

Eagle Owl was infront of the big doors when all of a sudden they opened.

General Grivous walked out along with six taricta fire benders, eight ultra battle droids and a whole lot of super battle droids.

"Oh no." Eagle Owl gasped.

"You must realise,General Greivous said while pulling out four lightsabers,you are doomed!"

Zack's POV

good god. Not these guys again. I sit on a porch outside the base. A bunch of people in red armor are yelling against a bunch of people in blue armor. Cuss words are flying. I hear one guy yell: "I AM CABOOSE! THE VEHICL DESTROYER!" As he throws a car at the reds. other lines include: "You've just been sarged", "Bow chika bow wow" and "do you have a problem with my balls!?" I throw a knife that bouces off the red leader and hits the blue leader. They both get up. "Get the white guy!" How dare they diss he cloak? The porch turns into a tank. one girl in Black armor says: "Get off the tank!" as a guy in maroon says "We have you outnumbered!" I decide to talk. "Bullsh*t dude I have a tank. people with tanks are never outnumbered!"

Viper's POV

Wow, I thought, I never thought I would kiss a girl like Toph

But then I messed up big time, I turned invisible and ran out of the room

F***!, She's my best friend's ex-girlfriend! I broke the effing code!

I went downstairs to the forge and jumped through the window and I landed on Eagle Owl, I got up and realized that I teleported to the Taricta Base. I an around for a while, because I didn't know what happened. I looked at my Teleporter, it's screen was red. I pressed some buttons that made it say: "Teleporting to: IS Base". I teleported to a dark room, Suddenly, I was kicked at the back of the head. I fell to the ground. I looked up and saw my worst enemy, Vamp. He threw one of his knives ate me, Sadly, it stabbed me on the side. I was losing blood, ALOT of blood. My vision became blurry, I saw Vamp pick up my Teleporter and input something into it. He threw it at me and I teleported. I teleported to the forge.

Bard Eric's POV

When we get to the Taricta Base, a bunch of droids come running out and start shooting at us. I summon up my skeletal warriors and order them to attack the droids. They start attacking, and soon droid pieces litter the battlefield. I join in. Then, the Taricta Base doors open. Out walks General Greivous and a bunch of super battle droids. "You must realize, you are doomed!" he says while pullinng out four lightsabers. He ignites them, and starts attacking Eagle Owl and the others. The super battle droids start attacking my skeletal warriors, and the normalish looking people that I haven't noticed until now start shooting fireballs at me. I dodge most of them, but then one hits me, and everything goes black.

Katie's POV

As I sit in the woods bored out of my mind I hear fighting i run to see what 

it is I stand behind a tree praying that no one can see me.I see people 

fighting watching them i begin to think of how long it's been since i've ran 

away and how long it's been since i've seen a single living soul.

Toph's POV (The Sentinel was at my house when I wrote this, so I'll write what he said)

"Viper!" I shouted "Where are you!?", I looked around the base. I went down to the forge and saw Viper, he was on the floor. He was bleeding and he wasn't breathing, I called Eagle Owl through Viper's codec

"Eagle Owl!, Viper's hurt, he was stabbed in the gut. What should I do?!" I shouted (A/N: The Sentinel said : "Thanks for stating the obvious)

Zack's POV

Well, I've managed to recruit a crap load of recruits. I show them to their quarters and go walking around. "Where the hell is he?" I mutter. "Where's anyone for that matter?!" I say loudly. I hear That earth manipulatory girl yelling something or other. I speed-walk into the forges. "Merda! What the cazzo happenen!?" She looks at me. "What exactly does it look like?!" I run out he door. "DOC! GET YOUR CULO IN HERE!" The purple armored recruit runs in. He instantly works on healing him. "He should be breathing again in about 10 seconds." Doc's right. Doc leaves. I look at Toph. "Well, I'll just give you two some privacy." I grin insanely at the look on her face and I ran like hell.

Kyra's POV

Lemme tell ya, sitting in bed all day gets overly boring.

I heard someone say loudly "Where's anyone for that matter?!"

I got up, realizing I suddenly felt better. It was most likely something I ate. I opened the door and stuck my head out. There was no one out there. I looked down at what I was wearing. Turqouise pajama shorts and a black tank top. Good enough, I thought. I walked down the hall and into the kitchen. I opened the fridge and pulled out the leftover pizza that was in there. Taking a bite, I went into the living room and turned on the TV. I started watching Glee.

Tucker's POV

Ow. Well, I've been recruited by this merc group run by kids. great. F*ck you church. I walk through the base. I'm hungry. I look into the kitchen. The kid who recruited me is swearing angrily. "How many vulcan pizza's does she eat!?" Who? I ask. "Kyra. She's...." I didn't hear anything else. THIS BASE HAS GIRLS! AWESOME! I see the name Kyra on one of the doors. I knock on it. I hope she's single. A.........kid? "Who are you?" She asks. I was about to answer when a fist hits the back of my head. I turn around, the cloaked kid and Tex. I black out.

Zack's POV

tex mutters:"that pedophile...." wow. Kyra is looking mighty confused. "Tucker is kinda like an adult wolf." I say. "OOOOHHH." She's watching Glee. again. I leave. "Screw it." I activate my teleporter. I land on bard eric. I smile as I whip out my sword and lop off the head of a few firebenders. I impale the rest. A cyborg is about to kill owl. "NOT HAPPENIN!" I throw a smoke bomb into the things back. It explodes. The cyborg is reduced to a coughing weakling on the ground. I help Owl up. I hand him my teleporter. He nods and rounds up everyone else. They teleport away. I run to avoid getting smoke by a grenade. I throw a H-Bomb into the reactor of the base. Using my other teleporter, I escape and land in the hallway. I get up. By the sounds of it, Owl teleported into Kya's room. "Ah, moron-love."

EagleOwl's POV

"Ouch"I muttered as i got up."I'm going to kill zack."I whisper as I notice I teleported into kyra's room.Good thing she wasn't there.I opened the door and tip toed out. I walked down the hall to see....I CAN'T EVEN LEAVE THE BASE FOR A COUPLE OF HOURS WITHOUT THINGS LIKE THIS HAPPENING! I see a bunch of people in armor walking around that I dont even know! I see this one flirting with kyra and I get ticked off.

"What the hell is going on!"I say as everyone suddenly stops talking.

Zack's POV

"These guys were fighting, I recruited them. I come rescue your butt, and teleport you here. I didn't control where you landed. You did. Your subconcious thought was apparently focused on Kyra's bedroom at the time." Wolf kicks the ground, Owl turns redder then an apple. Kyra, stares at him. I send my mental-probe into her head. HMMM. She seems, som ewhat glad. I crack a grin and send these thoughts to Owl. He looks ecstatic. "Alright everyone, I suggest we all go back to our knitting. This will be uncomfortable enough without us all listening." We all leave. (I dragged Wolf and Tex dragged Tucker) I return to my security desk in me and Viper's room. Toph and him are sitting on the couch. After a few minutes, i check Kyra's room. (Can't be too careful with Wolf in the base). He's not there, but Owl and Kyra are sitting on the couch watching Glee together. I shake my head.

EagleOwl's POV

The show sucks even more than I thought.I didn't want kyra to get affeneded by not watching it with her or telling her how much it sucked.So I forced myself to watch it,and I have to say this is the worst expirience I have ever gone through.I literally want to rip their heads off when they sing ANOTHER GOD DAM SONG!!!!!!!!!So my thoughts are watching Glee side effects include headaches,blindness,deffness,uncontrollable vomitting,brain damage,and suicidle thoughts.

Chapter 15 -Edit

Kyra's POV

I looked over at Owl during a commercial and realized he probably hated this show. "You know, you don't have to watch it if you don't want to." I said, "I understand if you don't like Glee. Most guys don't. It's kind of a girl show." It was the Britney Spears episode. It happened to be my favourite, but he probably hated it by the look on his face. I looked back at the screen. The episode was ending. They were singin Toxic. I grabbed the remote and turned it off. I've seen this episode to be able to miss the last few minutes. I turned back to Owl. I suddenly had the urge to kiss him. So I did. I grabbed the front of his shirt and pulled him to me. I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him.

Zack's POV

"Dio mio, again!?" I say. "What is it?" Viper calls in, yah, we share a room (NOT GAY!). "They're kissing again." he laughs. I notice a large armored guy walking through one of the halls. Church, the blue armored-leader, calls my comm. "You seeing this?" I ask. "Yep, he's called the Meta, he's a guy trying to catch tex." I get up and run out into the halls. I see The Meta standing over Tex. holding what i think is a capture device (apparently, tex is a computer program in a human body). "HEY MEATA!" I raise my hidden gun and fire, the capute thingy goes flying out a window. Sarge (red leader) catches and throws it. Wow, he has a good arm. It flew. Meta runs after it. A loud explosion bangs. "he shouldn't be back for a while." Sarge calls up. I walk back to my half of the room. I throw my ipod into the plug on my stereo and next thing you know, One step closer is blasting through my speakers. I wear earplugs normally, so it doesn't affect me really. Viper's a little annoyed. "Turn that piece of crap down!" He yells. I sigh and oblige.

EagleOwl's POV

I sit there,once again amazed of the power of a single kiss.Its like it drains my power,weird i know.

"I'll be right back."I say to her as I get up to see what all the noise was.I look down one hall to see a bunch of people,one of them being Zack.Yep,it seems whenever there's trouble,Zack is always in the middle of it.

I hold a fireball in my hand looking around to see who to attack to stop the fight.

Viper's POV

"Kissing again?" I said. I had never seen them kiss...well, I've never seen them kiss live (Thank you, Wolf Sword), so the first thought that ran through my head was "I MUST SEE THIS"

I ran to the living room and saw a bunch of people fighting. I saw Eagle Owl with a fireball, he was ready to fire. I decided to jump into the fight, so I did, and I landed on some white armored guy.

Sarge's POV

Some kid just jumped on the Meta! What a good soldier. The Meta throws him into the kid with a fireball. the kid who recruited me throws a small bomb at the Meta. The meta punches him and he flies onto the kid who just landed on the kid with the fireball. Good Soldiers. I fire my shotgun into the meta's foot. It screams and starts running. The three kids get up. The fire-ee guy looks angry at the recruitment kid.

Zack's POV

So i'm pinned to the wall by owl, viper wants to see him make out with Kyra, and sarge is more helpful then i thought. Owl creates a fireball. "Every time something happens, you're in the middle of it." He says. "So now you think I'm a spy?!" I say. What the hell made him think that?! "It's starting to look like it!" "Well, it's not my fault that you're always busy impregnating Kyra every time something happens!" Viper looks stunned. Owl angry, and at the precise moment i said that, Kyra walked in. Ah f*ck.

EagleOwl's POV

O.O Facepalm!

Viper's POV

While Kyra tries to place her foot in Zack's mouth, I look at Eagle Owl and mouth the words that made him pissed: "You just got served, Owlie". After that, I had to recover from being punched in the face by a basic man-bird. I got up and teleported to Starbucks, I had to wait 6 whole minutes for my double chocolatey chip frappuccino. After I paid the cashier, I teleported back to the fight, grabbed a chair and enjoyed.

Zack's POV

"Look, I know I can kick the both of your asses, so you really shouldn't even try." Of course, they don't listen. Kyra attempts to kick me in the mouth, I grab her foot and twist, she flips over and lands on her stomach. By that time, a rather large crowd had formed. Even that large alien mectar showed up. I throw a net onto the ground and a rope to the roof. Owl is helping Kyra up, and doesn't notice. They both charge me. I sidestep and they both get sucked into the net. They're hanging about ten feet off the ground. In fact, they're heads are pinned together kissing. I laugh. A lot. Viper does too. The crowd is cheering they're heads off. I pass out from laughing so hard. when i wake up, they're still up there, still stuck kissing. Owl's trying to go bird. "You know you'll incinerate her if you do that right?" He stops at once. Viper's still here, apparently asleep. And Toph is napping on him. I decide to leave. Before i do I say. "Owl, don't kill me when you get down. This was in self defense. You can only blame yourself for this." Then I leave.

Kyra's POV

So, there I sat. Hanging in a net with Owl. I swear to the gods, when I get down from here I am ripping off Zack's f*cking balls, chopping them into little pieces AND FEEDING THEM TO SQUIRRELS. I'll get him when he's sleeping or something so he can't do something like THIS again. I mean, seriously, I AM NOT planning on getting pregnant at 13! Someday, sure. BUT NOT NOW! So Zack can get his head out of his @ss and SHUT THE F*CK UP!

... Wait a minute... If I'm this angry... Expect the next word that come out of Zack's mouth to be rhyming. I smiled evilly. This was going to be fun. Let the war begin, Zack. Let it begin.

Zack's POV

I expect that Kyra will try the rhyming thing. Unbeknownst to her, I have immunity to most powers. Children of Apollo's included. I wandered over to the net. yep, still stuck kissing. "So kyra, expected me to be rhyming?" She makes an angry expression and makes an obscene hand gesture. "Let me see, Ah here." I pull out one of my multiple gadgets. "this thing can show me the future." I say. "HMMMM. Most interesting. It appears that you two will end up married and have-my, my- four children. Of course, it appears you'll be in your thirties by then. let's go a little back. You're handing him a condom at age sixteen." I laugh And leave.

EagleOwl's POV

I burned a hole threw the net after Zack left the room.Next thing I know I fall to the ground first,which ment I would be cushening Kyra's fall.Ouch.I quickly get up.

"Well,that certainly was the longest kiss ever."I say embarresed.

Chapter 16-Edit

EagleOwl's POV

The next day I got up early because I needed to talk to Kyra.So I walked all the way across the base,which it was nice and quiet.Although the black smith shop was up and running with Bard eric making whatever she makes.Shes usually up before anyone else.I finaly arrived at Kyra's room and knocked on the door.She opened the door with a surprising look on her face.

"Why are you here so early?" She asked.

"Well I need you to do me a favour."

"Go on."

"I need you to spy on Zack."


"Well seeing your a security commander I can have your shifts be near Zacks room so when hes not there you can go in and look around for any supicious stuff.Reason being, I'm looking for proof that hes a spy or traitor."

"You think hes a spy?"

"Yes because you don't see him around alot and he keeps on trapping us and stuff like yesturday."

"Good point."

"Ok so are you in on this one?...Once your done this mission you'll get something like maybe a promotion or...a surprise?"I say in a convicing voice.

"Fine."She says.

"Ah good."I say then backing away.I then headed for the the middle of the base which was like a small jungle like room were I turning into owl form and flew up high into a tree were I took a nap in the suns rays.

Kyra's POV

I had a few ideas on how to spy on Zack, but the best one would probably make Owl angry and I'd have to make sure he knew why, and that it was only till I found out if he was a traitor or not. I sat down on my bed again and pulled my laptop out from under my mattress. To be honest, I've had the same suspicions as Owl and I had extra sercuirity carmeras installed in Zack and Viper's room that I can accsess from my laptop. Yeah, yeah, I know. I'm kind of a nerd. Whatever. Not like it matters to me.

I pulled up the security cam to find that Zack wasn't sleeping. He was on his laptop as well. I zoomed in on the laptop's screen. Oh. He's just playing a game. I actually was up an hour ago, installing the software for this on my laptop and my iPod, yes I figured out how to put the software on my iPod. Don't tell me I'm a nerd. I already know.

I closed the program and checked my email before getting up to get something to eat. Knowing there was nothing, I decided I would have to go grocery shopping. Oh, yay. Not. I looked up where the nearest grocery store was and found it was a half an hour drive away. Well. I guess I'll have to take a taxi. I called the taxi place and the taxi arrived in 20 minutes. I got in and prepared myself for knowing what it was like for my mother on Saturdays. Hell. Pure Hell. 

4 hours later

I collapsed on the couch. I swear to the gods, next time, I'M NOT DOING THE F*CKING SHOPPING. I turned on the tv and started watching The Big Bang Theory. I couldn't stall laughing. Sheldon may have two PHDs, but he is such an idiot!

I heard someone walk in. I looked over to see Zack. "Yo." I said and went back to my tv show, not caring what the hell he was doing.

Carack's POV

I decided to go see what everybody was doing.I found Zack and Kyra in the tv room but I couldn't find anyone else.I ended up finding everyone else in the jungle like room with the glass roof.They were playing soccer.The red team was taking on the blue team at the moment.The green team which was everybody else like WolfSword Bard eric ,Ark and the others ,were off to the side watching. I went to see iif I could join.

"Hey viper,can I play?"

"Sure." He said while handing me a green shirt.

I then noticed Eagle Owl on the far side of the room in the top of one of the higher trees sleeping in the suns rays.Of coarse. Next thing you know the red team scored on the blue team and insults are flying threw the air.Then we were on.

Zack's POV

After the show I put 24 season 1 in. I wonder what She'll think of it. She might get a kick out of some parts. Of course, she may pick up tips from the party scene on the first few episodes.

Kyra's POV

I liked the show Zack put in. It was called 24. I'd never seen it before, but it was good. Kinda funny.

I hadn't realized how exhausted I was until then. Sometime while we were watching it, I fell asleep with my head on his lap.

I didn't notice my head was on his lap.

Zack's POV

She fell asleep right where things were getting good! Right where the terrorists were about to..........WTF!?

EagleOwl's POV


"Ouch!" I said as I fell from the tree after getting hit by a soccerball.As I fell past a window in the TV room I saw

Kyra laying on Zacks lap...Wait,WHAT!?!?


Carack's POV

"Oops,maybe I hit him a little too hard."I said.Eagle Owl fell down into a bush.I was just trying to wake him up to see if he wanted to play soccer with us.

Zack's POV

I was watching the TV when all of a sudden Eagle Owl fell past the window which startled me a bit.

"Wow."Was all I could say.Its not like you see people randomly falling from the sky everyday.

Viper's POV

I ditched soccer and went to my room, I changed out of my sweat-soaked jeresey. I went to the kitchen and grabbed a mountain dew. I went to the tv room. "Hey Zack, WAZZA- woah...", I say as I see Kyra sleeping on his lap

"What?" he asked "Oh, yeah. She...dozed off". I shrugged and sat down on the La-Z-Boy recliner that had my name scrathed at the back of it. "So, what's up?" I asked. "Up is a direction" he replied.

"Nobody likes a wise*ss, Zack"

Eagle Owl's POV

The door flew open to the TV room as I came in.

"What,what is this!?!? I yelled shocked and confused at the same time.They were still in the same position as last time I saw them but viper had joined them.My mind went blank.Nothing here made sense.

Caboose's POV

Everyone is leaving! They must know we beat them!

Grif's POV

I lie down on a rock, good thing everyone's leaving.

Zack's POV

"Dude, I'm not about to wake her. The reaction will be caught on tape, as is yours." I go back to my show, about 4 seconds in, Viper is hooked, After seven minutes, So is Owl.

Viper's POV

"Man, this Jack Bauer guy would make a great member of the squadron" I say as Keifer Sutherland escapes an oil rig. "I agree", Zack says. Two hours later, the show ended. I wonder if these guys would like Family Guy

I teleport to my room and looked through my desk. I found a picture of a toilet, a 20 dollar bill, and a small knife. I checked the bottom of the drawer and found the 8th season of Family Guy. I teleported back to the TV room and put it in the smaller television at the other side of the room. I moved my chair in front of the tv and started watching the episode "Road to the Multiverse".

Kyra's POV

I jolted up into a sitting position. Woah, weird dream much. I then realized I was in the tv room. I turned around to see Zack looking at me like I was a maniac. I hadn't realized how attractive he was until now. I then realized I'd been sleeping with my head on his lap. I blushed a deep scarlet. I turned around again and saw Viper and Owl also staring at me like I was a maniac. I blushed darker and muttered "Sorry..."

I got up at went to the kitchen. I cut up some pineapple and went back to the tv room. I couldn't stop looking over at Zack every five seconds and blushing throughout the entire time. I think Owl noticed, too. Oh, gods, help me!

Eagle Owl's POV

All I could say was that it wasn't going to end well,seeing she now liked Zack!What the f*ck is going on here.

Well I wasn't too impressed so I left and decided to go fly back up to the same tree top changing back to human form.

Viper's POV

Wow, good thing I didn't tell them I could read minds, I thought. What if Kyra would choose Zack over Owlie, what would Owlie do?

Zack's POV

Evidently Viper doesn't know I can read minds. Just to see her reaction, I flip down my hood that covers most of my face. (Incidentally, this is the first time I've done so since joining up here). My hair gets somewhat messy, as I haven't combed it since that fistfight with the pope.

Eagle Owl's POV

I decided to try out my new robots that I've finished working on for the past 5 months.I told them to go and get Zack and throw him in his room.He won't know it was me that built and told them to do so.THere was three in total.They are heavily armed with...well armor. They also have very strong grip.I made them out of a very strong materail.They marched off into the hallway towards the TV room.

I watched from a safe distance as they walked into the room. Viper looked in surprise and Kyra had know clue what was going on. Zack looked at the last second as one of the drones quickly jumped at him,pinning his hands to the wall.One guarded the exit while the other one guarded Kyra and Viper.Zack hit the drone with a few kicks and then tried to stab it with one of his blades but it did nothing exept the blade made a small dent.

Since Zack,viper and kyra weren't expecting an enemie to somehow get in the base and grab one of them,they hadn't really had any good weapons on them. They drone walked with Zack dangling in its grip and out into the hall,as the did the others following close behind.I watched as they went to Zacks room and threw him in while slamming the door.I quickly returned to my room and turned off the drones and hide them in my secret closet.I then went on the computer still gigling at what had just happened.I had no clue as to what Viper and Kyra were thinking.

My door opened,I swear I thought it was Zack for a sec,but it turns out it was Safira.

"Hello!"She said

"Um..hi,is there anything you want?"

"Here I made some milkshakes for everyone,here's yours."She said as she handed me one.

"Thanks."I said. She then left. I was looking around on facebook while taking some sips out of the milkshake when I suddenly felt drowsy.I looked into the milkshake knowing I had made a mistake.


Kyra's POV

I swear to gods, when Zack fliped down his hood, I thought my jaw was going to fall off! He was so hot! The hair being so messy just made him even hotter. When the drones came, I recognized the metal as something Owl showed me. So, I guess he did notice my looking every ten f*cking seconds. I had my bow. I always do. It's an earring. I never take it off. I just didn't see the point in trying. Those drones were made of a metal so strong, my arrows wouldn't do anything anyways.

After the drones were gone, I just slugged off to my room and colapsed on my bed, falling asleep instantly.

Zack's POV

Well that hurt. A LOT. The freaking robots gave me tennis arms. I open a drawer and get the arm braces. I slip them on. I look over at my security cams. "What. The. F*ck?" That's disturbing. I open a comm to kyra. "I'm emailing you something you might want to see." I say As I copy the video and send it to everyone in the base. "You asked for it Owl."

Toph's POV

I was in starbucks looking for Viper. I was going to tell him that I wanted to leave the squadron, that Wolf Sword really makes me want to hurl. I finally found him in the TV room hiding behind a couch

"Hey, Viper, umm... I wanted to tell you something. But I can see that you're busy so..." I said

"You call hiding behind a couch busy? What is it Toph?" He asked

"I just..." I said in a small voice "I...I want to...leave this place" I mumbled in a smaller voice

"What do you mean?"

"I'm gonna have to break up with you..."

Eagle Owl's POV

I then woke up still a little dazzed. I looked around to see nothing really had changed. I shrugged and went back on the computer.I noticed I wasn't on the internet,the way I left it before. Instead there was a small box.I clicked on it as it said Deleted Video. I t then opened up.and there was a loading bar. It said Deleting file 73%.I clicked the pause butten and decided to see what the video was about and why/who did this. I started watching the video,and it turns out it was from a security cameras point of veiw.I looked in my bedroom and found were it was.Yep,this is Zack's doing.I thought as I crushed the camera.I continued the video.It turns out,I was kissed by Safira twice,and she also hacked into my computer to find out ,I don't know exactly, and then Zack tried to send the vid of her making out with me to everyone but seeing Safrias a pro at hacking and unlocking things such as codes,she managed to stop the files from being sent to everyone and is now deleting them.Smart,and I must admit at the time she had her hair down instead of all braided up and she looked hot! I then ended up finishing deleting the file/vid.Thank god! I then decided to go outside and take a nice 'long',walk.

Zack's POV

Crap. Safira's better then i thought. Luckily I kept a copy of the video on a small card that I keep with me. I open up a little tracker on my computer that I use to monitor old enemies' movements. "What.......?" The worst ones are in italy right now, all of them. I grab my weapons and equipment sacks. I walk out of the room. When i'm halfway down the hallway I bump into Owl, literally. "Where are you going?" I keep walking. "Where are you going?" He says again. "Italy." he drops what he's holding. "Why!?" I sigh. "because old enemies of mine are there. I want them dead."

"What did they do to make them enemies?"

"Murdered my family."


I really don't care if he sends somebody after me to spy or anything similar. All I care about is that these foes die.

Kyra's POV

I walk out of my room to see Zack walking towards the exit with an angry face. "Wait!" I yelled after him and ran down the hall. He looked at me. "Where are you going?"

"Italy." he said, and continued walking.

I ran in front of him, blocking his path. "Why?"

"I have enemies there," he said in an angry tone I hoped to never hear again. "Get out of my way, Kyra."

"No. I won't let you go."

"Whether it's by force or not, I'm leaving."

"No, you're not. I'm not going to let you leave!"


"BECAUSE I REALLY LIKE YOU AND I DON'T WANT YOU HURT!" I then realized what I'd just admitted. I blushed a deep, deep scarlet and ran away. I found Owl and pushed him up against the wall, kissing him forcefully. He didn't seem to mind. Good. It was something to keep my mind off what I just did.

Ava's POV

I groaned and sat up only to fall on my head. I cursed and felt my back for any deep wound. Nothing. Apparently some god was looking out for me or I'm just lucky. I gasped, just realizing I was human again. "How...?" I shook my head in confusion and stood up, shaking. I picked up the knife and tried to clean the blood off with my shirt but recieved poor results. I wondered how long I was like this, probably a day or two but that doesn't explain why my body was in the same spot. I shrugged and headed towards the Squadron base. I paused, thinking over my options. Well I could walk in and scare the living hell out of everyone because they probably think I'm dead, or I could try and live with the squirrels. Yeah I'll do the first option because squirrels'll probably eat my food. "Well, here goes nothing." I took a deep breath, walked towards the door, and opened it.

Zack's POV

I sprinted out a door and ran into, quite literally, Ava. "What the hell!? Aren't you dead!?" She shrugs and walks by me. I keep running. I have a plane to catch. (AN:The rest of this POV takes place three days after.)

I walk through the carnivale. It takes place every year. I stand in a small corner in the city of Venice. I see my target, the mayor of venice, Arrives on a gondola. His assistant wanders off into the crowd. A pair of ladies dressed as courtesans start dancing with him. I melt through the crowd. He's spinning around. idiot. he turns and glimpses me just as my blade pierces his jugular. The mayor yells. "I want his head!" A trio of guards, all dressed for the occasion of carnivale, charge with swords. I kill one with his own blade and move on to nail him to the other two. the mayor is running. I scale a wall as easily as if it were a ladder. I run across the rooftops of venice. I finally find him at an archway, and, to my luck, my last two targets are with him. The Pope's sons. I loose a pair of throwing knives into the sons. The collapse. I jump down from the roof. "Bravo, bravo!" He cries. "A pity your father, couldn't live to see it." I ready my hidden blade. "Once I'm through with you, I'll give your mother my full attention." I retract the blade. "Have some respect for death. Requiescat in Pace." I raise my hand. The bullet from my wrist gun fires. I drop a smoke bomb and scale a roof. I look up at the sky. I flying drone that's obviously Owl's is watching me. "Clever owl. I didn't think you'd get a video of this. Of course, you have everyone watching, don't you?" A swear word emnates from the drone. "You're smart Zack. Why did you do this?"

"You heard what he said. That and they were taricta."

"I see."

I jump onto the drone. "I could use a ride." Another set of swears sound from the drone. I smile to myself. I suppose I owe Kyra an apology. the drone flies off. When i can see the hay bale I leave by the base I jump off into it. i clamber out. I enter the base through the back door.

Eagle Owl's POV

Three days earlier,when zack wasn't around...I did a whole lot of nothing.I ate,watched some TV and hide from everybody.for something to do.Although I did exidently run into Kyra once.I ran into her turning a corner.I nearly ran into her but I dodged her and ran into a room behind her which was the kitchen.I ran out another exit and I don't think she followed me.I mainly hide in the middle of the base.

Carack's POV

Hmm should I take the banana,or the apple?

"Just pick one already!"Wolf sword barked at me.

"Shush,chatty monkey!"I said to him.Putting my finger in his face.

"Whatever."He then walked off.

Ah,I know,the apple!!!!!!! I picked it up and headed out into the middle of the base with Wolf.

Bard Eric's POV

I was bored and hungry, as usual, so I went to the kitchen to get something to eat. I got some leftover pizza that someone had gotten a few days ago and never finished, and went into the tv room to see if there was anything vaguely interesting there. I rarely watch tv because most shows nowadays are pretty awful, but I do like some shows that used to air, even though they were showing before I was born. I had the complete boxed set of Buffy the Vampire Slayer (yeah, I know, I'm weird...) in my room, which is one of the very few shows I actually like. I got one of the discs from the fifth season and put it into the tv, and randomly chose an episode.

Eagle Owl's POV

I was playing on my ipod touch when all of a sudden I heard this banging noise on my closet door.I got up with a small dager in my hand and slowly opened the door to find...nothing.Hm..thats weird,I thought I put my drones in here.I was then pulled back and held up unable to move.All three drones had some how turned on and betrayed me! I saw one grab out some sleeping pills and open the cap. He came close to me putting it in my mouth forcing me to swallow all of them! One of them(probably the leader), pulled out my memory card from my computer.I was being held by one of them as the others took memory cards and other important stuff from my drawers.I then felt a bit drowsy.I yawned.I knew they would be a big problem seeing the could copy peoples voices and were programed to problem solve in situations and could calculate things such as speed and possibilities.They possed a huge threat on us and I couldn't help!I was being drugged for heavens sake! Next thing I knew I had fallin asleep.

Third Person's POV

They drones took Eagle Owl and placed him sitting on the couch in the TV room and then went into hiding,trying to steal information such as memory cards and such.They were excellent at going stealth.The only clue they left behind was a sleeping Eagle Owl which most likely won't,be waking up any time soon.

Bard Eric's POV

What the f*ck??? Some drones just walked in and stuck a very asleep Eagle Owl on the couch next to me, and then hid. Then, the computer went black. I turned off the TV off and put the disc back in it's case, and put it down. Eagle Owl seemed to be very unconsious, probably from knockout pills, so he wouldn't be coming around any time soon. I'd found a lightsaber on the field by the taricta base, and picked it up. Probably dropped by Grievous when one of his hands got chopped off. I always carried it with me, just in case. So I pulled it out of my pocket, and, not igniting it, set off to track the drones, keeping to the shadows.

Zack's POV

What the hell happened while I was away!? When I walked in, I found Owl stuck inside a couch, Bard Eric hiding in a shadow, and a small group of drones patrolling the couch. I use my hidden blades to deactivate them. I reach in the couch and pull owl out. He's asleep. figures. I leave and wander into the hallway. Next thing I know, I'm being hugged by sobbing Kyra. WHAT THE HELL HAS HAPPENED HERE?

Eagle Owl's POV

All I here is Zack yelling about what happened here while he was away to Kyra who was hugging him.(-.-")

I got up,my body hurting everywhere so I decided to just watch some T.V.. I started watching animal plant,Natures Perfect Preditor.Today they were showing the Comodo Dragon.

Viper's POV

I go to starbucks and order a chocolate chip cookie, I devoured it in the TV Room with Owlie. Kyra was hugging Zack, which is probably why that vein on Owlie's forehead was out. I started to ignore what was happening, and started watching weird Comodo Fly-Traps eat a giraffe. O.o

Everything was fine, until a drone-like floaty thing grabbed my cookie and incinerated it. "Bad Metal Tube!" I shouted, "That is my cookie!". I kept on scolding the drone until it brought me another cookie.

I went to my room and thought for a while. Then I remembered why I came here, I was supposed to try to recruit this squadron. I called Major Zero and told him to send me a contract for I.R.O.N.S.. I got it through e-mail, then I printed it. I went to the TV Room and explained I.R.O.N.S. to Owlie. Then I handed him the contract. "It's your choice" I said to him, he took the contract and read it.

"So, do you want this squadron to be part of I.R.O.N.S. or not?" I asked him

Ava's POV

I needed to kill something, badly. After that incident with the Squadron I decided to get some food because hey, I felt like dead animal right now. Fresh dead animal. After I got some food I'd probably give the Squadron some heart attacks for the hell of it. Yeah, I seriously need a life. I scaled a tree and perched on a branch, waiting for squirrel. I saw a squirrel and we locked us the squirrel unsure of what to do. One false move and I'd lose my snack. I hesitated for a second and the squirrel ran away. I cursed and jumped down from the tree. Well there goes lunch. I headed to the Squadron but before I could go in some creeper popped out. "Heyy." he said in an attempt with a seductive voice. I laughed so hard I had to slap myself to shut up. "Oh my gods that sucked!" I managed to say.

Zack's POV

"You eat squirrels?" I ask. Wolf is attempting to seduce her. I look at him. "Go to Italy. Girls try to seduce YOU there." He smiles and runs off. "I never got your name." She says. "Zackary Auditore Da Firenze, Madonna." Italian is decent for making first impressions.

Eagle Owl's POV

"I guess ,sure." I said to Viper.I then had an angry feeling in me. I headed to the top of the base were there was an opening to look out around the base. Aaah,look who it is,I thought...

Third Person's POV

It was getting darker outside.From far away you could see Eagle Owl perched on the top of the base.Then the next second he turned into an extremely fast blur of shadow ,darted for the trees. Zack Auditore Da Frienze and Ava were in Owl's sight as he watched and listened to them in the trees behind them,camoflaged into the darkness.He stood still as if he were dead,silent and stealthy.In the middle of their conversation, a very deep,loud ,but chilling "Hoo" echoed as the night went silent.

An Elite General came out of the base followed be two elite spec ops.They stopped a few meters away from Zack and Ava,waiting for orders from Eagle Owl or someone to attack.

Zack's POV

Wait, A hoo? "Sh*t. Duck." She's confused but does so. I follow suit. A plasma grenade flies over my head. I whirl around and fire a round from my wrist gun. An elite falls. The bullet went right through his head. Another two draw energy swords. They both then take a few steps back and bow down.Then there was another chilling Hoo.

Third person's POV

Eagle Owl flew down infront of them.He glanced at both of them with his big orange eyes. He paused as he starred at Ava as if waiting to here what she had to say seeing she was thought to be dead. He then turned to Zack.His eyes seemed to have darkened into an orangy red.Ava saw something and took a few steps back. Eagle Owls talons became longer and looked almost pitch black.His eyes became red and his entire figure became darker as the sun fell out of sight.The two elites ran back to base. Zack then knew for a fact that this wasn't the real Eagle Owl.

The giant Owl was around 8 to 9 feet tall or more,with blood red eyes and long peircing talons.It's beak looked as if it could penitrate armor worn by the red and blue spartans. It then let out a blood curdling screech and attacked...

Zack's POV

What. The. Hell. Is. This. Thing? I whip my pistol and fire. It hits him in the face. It bounces off. "Oh crap. help?" She garbs me and I start to feel like my face is peeling off. next thing I know. I've landed in the TV room.

Third Person's POV

They both fell infront of Kyra.She sat there stunned.

"What the hell?!"She managed to say.

"Oh just the usuall." Zack said after getting up.

Wolf sword then ran in the room and looking as if he'd seen a ghost.

"Whats with the giant freaking owl waiting outside our base?!"He yelled at them.

"What?!"Kyra said.

"Ya you heard him,your boyfriend is trying to kill us."Zack said with raised eye brows,as if trying to proove something.

Ava's POV

Okay, this was confusing. First, this giant owl pops out of nowhere and decides it wants to kill Zack and I. Then I Shadow Travel us to a TV room infront of the Kyra girl and some guy named Wolf Sword comes in looking like he saw a ghost. Then Zack says Kyra's BOYFRIEND is trying to kill us. I'm missing something here. Gosh, being half dead for awhile really messes your life up.

Eagle Owl's POV

I was wandering around the forest that night when I heard something.I couldn't make out what the noise was so I decided to go check it out.I came upon some person who looked to have been hit by something. I nealed down to see if he was okay. He growned.

"Are you okay, and who are you?" I asked.

Third Persons POV

A loud screeching noise echos through the night. The giant owl was now ten feet away from the base. Wolf sword and Carack then came running out of the base with swords and a bow with arrows. Wolf sword fires an arrow at the bird.It flapped its wings knocking the arrow out of the air.

Zack's POV

I run out to help. I fire a round from my pistol at it. It just looks annoyed. "How are we supposed to hurt this thing?!" I yell. "Dunno!" Wolf yells at me. After a few minutes of fighting, I notice something in the trees. Something WAY to familiar for comfort. A man clad in silver armor and a red cape walks out. He's clutching a silver and gold stone. "Auditore! I'm surprised to see you here! Of course, as I and my brothers have joined the Taricta's cause, it would seem natural that you assassins would join up here." I charge at him. He raises a hand and I get blasted backwards. I land on Ava. (figures) "Sorry." I mutter. I get up. "Cesare you bastard! Give me the Apple, I'll make sure the end comes swiftly!"

"Never." He raises the apple and I get blasted across the field. He uses it to tame the giant owl. "Wait, that can't be owl." I mutter before somebody lands on me. Smells like death. Ok, it's Ava. (I'll get you cesare) The others get blasted by an abnormally large bang. I pass out.

Chapter 17- The rising evilEdit

"I shall gather all my troops!" Greivous said.

"Good, we will need a distraction in order for this plan to go right." A brute commander said.

"I will then send a squad of fire benders to guide the secret weapon."Fire lord Ozai said.

"Very well. Greivous I'll need you on the battle field along with the other brute commanders." The mandarin said.

"While the inferno squadron are busy fighting we will sneak behind them with the secret weapon and finish them off!" Told another brute commander.

"Prepare our secret weapon for the coming battle immediatly." The mandarin said ,inside the Taricta base.

Mala Fin's POV

I bolted outside as soon as I heard a yelp. I grapped a bow and a few arrows when I saw a giant owl by Ava. She threw her throwing knife at it but the owl just deflected it like it was nothing. Zack was attacking this other man and Wolf Sword was trying to get the owl as well. I raised my bow but hesitated. If I missed, I might hit someone else and that wouldn't be good. Ava noticed me. "SHOOT!" she screamed and threw another knife. I thought it was going to kill it but it dodged. She cursed and walked back, glaring at it. I shot the arrow and it sailed threw the animal's wing. It shrieked but other than that was the same as before.

Cesare Borgia's POV

I raise the apple above my head. Auditore flies across the field and bounces off a wall. I use the apple to create ripples of power along the ground. The flirtatious boy collapses. A girl that I'd yet to notice shoots an arrow at me. I use the apple to incinerate it. The shadowy Owl picks up and throws the Girl that radiated death a fair distance where she rolls, knocked out, onto the flirting boy. "Templars! Attack!" All my men come out, wielding swords and guns. "After we're done with you, we'll move on to the Taricta!" I yell.

Third Person's POV

At the head Taricta base squads of droids were marching and standing in large groups along with brutes, armoring up. Three smaller groups of firebenders practiced in another area inside the giant walls of the bases courtyard.In one building there were a bunch of brute commanders. In another but bigger building was Fire Lord Ozai,Greivous and The Mandarin.Around on base walls were turrets and small outposts. There were also small ships unloading cargo and men(men as in droids,brutes,and other...). Farther away from the base but in the sky was a ship that none of the inferno squadron members had ever seen before. It was a CCS cruiser. It was an elite ship, but also held some brutes and grunts in a certain section.An elite field marshall went into the building were The Mandarin was.

"Our troops are ready to go when ever you are sir." Said the Elite.

Eagle Owl's POV

The giant owl suddenly disappeared after I came out of the bushes. I saw a bunch of people attcking some of my members and some dude with an apple? WTF moment right there!

Mala Fin's POV

I dragged Ava away from Wolf Sword and tried to wake her up. Nothing. I sighed and turned around, seeing a speck in the distance. I blinked, thinking I was seeing things, but it didn't go away. "Ava!" I whispered, but she didn't wake up. I sighed and fired another arrow at the strange man but it incinerated like before. I noticed something in his hand, maybe if I managed to take that from him he'd wouldn't be able to destroy the arrows...

Eagle Owl's POV

I placed the person down on a bed. He still hadn't awoken. I ran outside to see the templars and all of my memebers infront of the base. The templar leader stood infront of a large group of people ready for a command. I joined my fellow Inferno Squadron members.


A giant explosion shakes the ground in the distance. Everyone looked into the distance to see the worst possible thing...A Taricta army.

Hundreds droids, brutes, grunts and elites marched forward, along with Commanders spread evenly with the numbers. Two Scarabs were right behind. General Greivous and two ultra battle droids were far infront.

He walked right up to us and said,

"Aaah, I hope not to have interupted a nice famly reuniun?" He said looking at Zack and Cesare.

"Let this battle remind you of what happens when you get in our way!" He said but before anyone could argue he jumped back while pulling out four lightsabers and yelled,


Chapter 18- The great battleEdit

All of us pulled out our weapons preparing for the incoming wave. Droids ran at us and opened fire.

Gun shots flew across the battle field along with arrows and gernades. The Templars would have been defeated if the hadn't moved to the side before each team collided. Devir pulled out his energy sword and went on a killing spree. Wolf sword fired his lazor taking out a few droids, before taking cover again. Firelord Ozai was at the back of their lines. A brute commander went after a templar with his armored shields and leathel gravity hammer. In the middle of the battle the earth broke as the unexpected Caraboka came out and started to attack!

Mala's Fin's POV

I managed to rouse Ava just as the first wave attacked. She sat up and looked around like she was dazed, but in a matter of seconds jumped to her feet. She stared at me and nodded to the bow. I shot at a nearby droid and they turned to me, unharmed. Ava got out her sword and cut its head off. She closed her eyes and 50 skeletal soldiers came from the ground and started attacking the droids. I smiled lightly and fired my arrows. I just caught a glimpse of Ava before she disappeared in the mass of droids.

Eagle Owl's POV

...ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE. It was intense! There were shots flying everywhere! It was mainly about shooting the first thing you saw, there were so many bad guys in this fight! The first wave thinned after a few minutes before the second wave came in.This time it was brutes and grunts. Both Scarabs came at us too. Later in the battle I saw Devir.We fought together for a while before he said something I didn't want to hear.

"Glad to have fought beside you in many battles."He then turned to me and nodded his head while pulling out his energy sword.

"I am honored to have been one of your brothers." He said before taking off into the crowd of brutes and droids,headed in the path of the two Scarabs.

I swear he was the braveist, most trusted and toughest member I ever knew. I think I shed a tear too.

The next thing you know, a loud explosion goes off. In the background one of the Scarabs starts to fall.It fell into the other before the both blew up. Everyone stopped and turned to see them collide.The explosion rattled the earth beneath them.

And that was the last time I saw Devir...

Ava's POV

I gasped when I heard the buzzing. That couldn't be one of our people...if it was I swear someone isn't gonna be happy. I noticed Eagle Owl was staring at the destroyed Scarb and I cursed. Of course, that Devir guy must destroyed it... I should have been there before him, then maybe we wouldn't have lost one of our number. I hacked off the heads of a few more droids and crushed the head of one that had fallen. Mala was shooting at the...monsters but it didn't seem to be working effectively. My skeletal warriors were battling some more droids and Zack was still taking on whats-his-face. I'm sure there were other Squadron members out there but I just forget their names right now. I was head-to-head with one of those bear things and I blinked, unable to do anything. "You look funny." I said and they charged. I slid out of the way and killed some thing with a triangle back by accident, but it looked as if they were the enemy anyway so didn't dwell on it. I opened the pouch slung over my arm and grabbed a spare knife from it. I close the pouch and stabbed at the bear thing. They pulled out some hammer thing and I realized this was bad. I managed to jump onto their back and put my knife in their eye. I pulled it out again and rammed my sword in their back. It died instantly, but I noticed something. It seemed more smaller than the rest, and weaker. Not really much of a fair fight. I blinked and felt my vision getting blurring, like I was on the verge of fainting.

I blinked, trying to clear my vision and killed another triangle back (my nickname for them). I prayed to the gods I wouldn't pass out then felt something in my back, but it didn't seem far enough to kill me. I coughed up something foul and passed out.

Third Person's POV

A loud screeching noise went off. It was the cry of the Mandarin's Crow. It had appeared on the battle field and was killed by one of the templars. Out of nowere The Mandarin appeared. He had teleported near some of the Inferno Squadron Members. Aang was the first to notice him and sent an air blast at him. The Mandarin directed it back at him sending him flying. He ran into Griff which he tried to Sack the Mandarin, but ended up jumping up and down while holding his foot in pain. The Mandarin found the Templar. He then picked him up by his neck and threw him at a near by wall making a large dent in it. Showing no merci, he picked him up again an squeezed his neck, sufficating him to death.

Zack's POV

My sword is broken by Cesare, and my cloak torn to shreds. I throw it off. I've just got my black hoodie and blue jeans. Pretty crappy armor. Cesare throws his sword aside and draws a red lightsaber. Oh crap. he's about to behead me when a purple blade steps in the way and blocks. I turn. "Uncle Mario?"

"Yes Nipote. the assassins are here to help." The others: Volpe and Antonio, our thief leaders, Bartolomeo: our military guy. Claudia:My older sister, and Niccolo Machiavelli, the Assassin leader. We were originally from 1488, but a time paradox brought us here, along with the templar army, who became a company that invents EVERYTHING.

Volpe throws me a lightsaber. (They're all wearing modern clothes, I just noticed) It has a black blade. "Cool." I run over to Ava's knocked out form and use most of her throwing knives to thin the Taricta's forces a little. I replace them with a bunch of throwing lightsabers. She'll like those. I notice a weird thing on her back. "What the hell?" I take it off and throw it at a fleeing templar. Good, they're retreating. I turn to my fellow assassins and we face the Taricta. "Noi siamo insieme!"

Third Person's POV

All of a sudden all the droids and brutes and grunts and etc, retreated.

All of the Inferno Squadron members gathered, ready for what ever may come next.

It was quiet,Eagle Owl thought...Too quiet.


Five Elites appeared as their invisibility came off. They held five Inferno Squadron Members with energy swords by their necks. They then slowly moved back infront of everybody. Ark, Kyra, Aang, Sarge, and Carack were being held hostage.

Eagle Owl's POV

Then, something that I least expected and hoped for, most of the Taricta leaders appeared before us.

General Grievous, Tartarus, Fire Lord Ozai, An Elite Fleet master, Darkrai, The Mandarin, and the least expected ,Terrar.

I had only one thought, OH.....MY....GOD!

Ava's POV

I woke up to see the other Squadron members held hostage and a bunch of other guys surrounding them. I groaned and reached for my sword. I noticed my sketetal warriors had disappeared and sighed, and apparently everyone heard me because they all looked at me. I reached for a throwing knife but found only lightsabers. "Who the hell took my knives?" I muttered. Luckily everything else was in the pouch. I activited the shield I held in the form of a ring and put back the lightsaber, I'd use it later if needed.

I looked around for Mala Fin but didn't see her anywhere...I hope she hadn't died. I put my sword in the ground, muttering, "Serve me," and a few sketetal warriors came from the ground. I fell tired already, but I couldn't faint for this fight. Though the chances of winning were very slim at least we had fire on our side. Shame the fire bender doesn't know that.

Zack's POV

Idiot! She doesn't realize that they're freaking throwing lightsabers!

Mala Fin's POV

I stare at the Squadron and the Taricta below. I'm in the air, I flew away just as the Elites appeared. My bow and arrows were still at hand, so I could shoot them from the sky but I had to wait. Ava was already preparing for battle, though looking miffed that her throwing knives weren't there. Apparently they were special to her. Eagle Owl, Bard Eric, and Zack weren't hold hostage though, so maybe we did have a chance.

So I hover in the air, just waiting to strike.

Viper's POV

We were fighting the 5 Elite soldiers when the Fixed came, a small amount of clones were about to attack. I had told Eagle Owl about them before (I think). Only about... 1,000 of them came. Me and Toph have encountered them before, and we almost killed them all. I charged with my sword and stabbed a clone.

I engaged a sword battle with one of the clones, instead of blocking his slashed, I punched him in the face. A few minutes later, after we defeated the first batch of clones, a second platoon had came. I was exhausted but I charged again, but I was hit in the neck by a clone's electric baton. One soldier had shot my arm with a tranquilizer, but I stabbed him in the stomach after. A bunch of Armored Clones started beating the crap out of me. I fell on the floor, but I felt empowered, I released an electricity wave at the clones and did a horizontal slash with my sword.

I grabbed my USP and started shooting the clones. 3 clones were on a Gekko, strange. I slashed at the Gekko's feet and it fell on the ground, I shot the three clones and made sure they were dead by stabbing them. I saw 2 clones, I shot their heads and a white substance came out, that's their blood. 6 more Gekkos appeared an attacked, 3 of them had stabbed me with their rope knife thing, I grabbed the ropes and pulled. The Gekkos fell and exploded, I shot a lightning bolt at the remaining clones and Gekko's. They exploded and fell like feathers. I looked at the rest of the group and saw someone was on fire, I ran to the rest of the group.

Third person's POV

"Bring him." The Mandarin said, gesturing at Carack. Two elites grabbed each of his arms and pulled him forwards. "Jefferson, come out." The Mandarin spoke to a bush. A man dressed in military style clothing and a green beret stepped out. The Mandarin nodded. The new person walked up to Carack, holding a 44. revolver. He put the gun to the boy's stomach and shot. Carack collapsed. Jefferson pulled out a gasoline tank and soaked Carack's feebly moving form in it. He took out a cigar and lit it. He threw the match onto Carack, and the boy erupted in flames.

Mala Fin's POV

I gasped as they lit his body. I nearly vomit too. I aim my arrow at the head of the man that doused Carack in gasoline.

Viper's POV (again...)

"There's a flying guy aiming at Carack!" I shouted. I opened fire with my AN-94 and threw a couple knives at him. I showed Eagle Owl where he was, we both started shooting at him.

Mala Fin's POV

I slap myself in the face. "I'm not of the male gender." I muttered. I dodged the knives and accidentally shot at the man who killed Carack. I missed, but they notice me. The Tartica start firing at me so I fly away but get hit in the leg. I fall to the ground and black out.

Eagle Owl's POV

We were close to winning the batte when the unexpected happened. As I describe it,"A big ass scarab" landed on the side of our base, blowing out a few walls.

"WHAAAaaa?" I thought, now we have to take out this giant scarab that had two big guns on it's back instead of one and it's front one was way deadlier than any of the small, regular scarabs guns.

We were in a lot of trouble!

Chapter-18 One last timeEdit

thumb|left|300px|Listen to this while you read the next part.

"Follow my lead!" I said to all of the members of the squadron. I then charged,headed for the super scarab while everyone followed. As we ran we took fire from plasma turrets mounted all over the super scarab.This thing must have been as big/tall as the eiffle tower! I decided to try and run up one of its legs. The super scarab fired at us, while the other head fired at our base! We barely avoided the explosion. We reached one of its massive legs and started to run/climb up while blowing away brutes,grunts, and elites that were by mounted turrets. I ran and jumped while shadow blasting away two brutes while a bunch of gunshots went off from the spartans(redvs blue). A bunch of throwing knives went into some brutes nearby from Zack. Kyra sliced at an elite while kicking a grunt then charging with her bow and arrows taking out more enemies. Aang quickly airblasted a path infront of us, taking out a dozen brutes. I jumped in the air doing a backflip, then stabing a brute in the head as Tex ran infront of me and upper cut a brute then pounding to grunts into a wall. We ran into a one of the many small control rooms. A bunch of elites looked at us the pulled out their energy swords and attacked. I ran at them, did a roll and stab one in the chest then did a spin, taking out ones head. The door to the next area closed. Wolf sword fired his spartan lazer, melting a giant hole in the wall. We ran through to find a long bridge,located at the back of the super scarab. A whole wack of brutes and grunts were all over the bridge,armed, and ready. I gave everyone the signal and we charged forward blowing away brutes and grunts. Viper pulled out a sniper and shot at an engineer. It fell ,exploding into a big blue ball of plasma, taking out atleast a dozen brutes. We made a turn up these stairs leading up to the main control room. Griff chucked a gernade, blowing open the door. Inside were a dozen elite soilders with energy swords,a brute commander and two elite generals. I quickly threw a knife at one of the elites, he dodged it and sliced at me. I fell to my knees barely missing it. I jumped up while a lightsaber flew under me killing one elite. I ran threw all of them while the fought and got to the main controls. I pull out a gernade and jamed it into the screen. "Get out of here!" I yelled as I ran for the opening. Once we got out of the room, a few seconds later a giant explosion went off. A loud alarm sound and random mini explosions started to erupt within the Super Scarab. "Lets get out of here!" I said as we ran into the next corridor. "Look!" Zack shouted pointing to a small hanger, filled with ghosts. But grunts and brutes were hopping in them to make their own escape. "Kill those buggers before theirs none left!" said.We took out all the enemies that were still left trying to get a ghost. Once that was done I noticed that there weren't enough ghosts. After most people go in one, the rest of us were stuck, with nothing! We weren't gonna jump off the scarab,we go splat. I then thought of an idea! I quickly turned into my giant bird form.

"I can only carrie one person so..." I said to Ark and Bard Eric.

"I'll stay." Ark said flat out. My mouth dropped,literally.

"Come on then, we have to go!" I said to Bard Eric.She then climbed on my back.
"It's been nice knowing you Owl."

"Same to you." I said sadly.

The people in ghosts glided out of the hanger and landed on the ground safley, then taking of towards the ruins of our base. As I started to fly away Ark said, "So long ,Owl!"And with that the giant scarab exploded into a million peices. If you starred at the explosion you would probably go blind...

Finishing the FightEdit

As we all headed to our base on the ghosts, with Eagle Owl carrying Bard Eric with him, we noticed a giant armada of Taricta blocking us from our base. We all fired a few plasma blasts from the ghosts into the awaiting army, but we only managed to kill a few droids. Worst yet, all the Taricta leaders were waiting for us. "Guys, get ready to fight!" shouted Eagle Owl as he set Bard Eric down. Everybody hopped off their ghosts as the droids, brutes and other taricta forces cleared a path as The Mandarin walked down it. He conjured up a shadow attack and fired it at one of the ghosts, causing it to explode. However, a grey hooded kid went sprawling out of it, and landed on the ground. The kid go up, looked around, and charged the mandaring after he shot off another blast at him. When he reached him a giant swirl of dark energy blasted around them, and then after a huge explosion they both disappeared.

Zack's POV

My ghost is flipped over by the explosion. I duck onto the rock hard dirt. I raise my hidden gun and fire a round at one of the taricta leaders. It does nothing. So I raise my new lightsaber and charge them.

Viper's POV

I got out of my ghost and saw Zack running towards one of the taricta guys, I decided to charge with him. I pulled out my katana and ran to the taricta man that Zack was about to kill.

Ava's POV

I hacked at the Taricta with my non-cestial bronze sword and flung the throwing lightsabers at others. I watched the others battle their ghosts and ran to help them. A guy blocked my path and I growled, flinging my sword into his chest.