Lizzy MasonImagine the picture with a ton of tattoos that are all the same colour and are more of designs
Shadowhunter runes



Lizzy Veronica Mason (born August 6, 1995) is a Shadowhunter.


Lizzy is a rule breaker and doesn't care what The Clave has to say about it. She loves to kill demons, like all Nephilim. She can live with Downworlders , though she doesn't like them much and might attack them if they bother her. (Odst grevious is included as a Downworlder because he is part demon, part human, and, yes, I know he is also part god. She doesn't care about that)



  • Stele: Lizzy has a stele that she uses to add runes to her skin and activate opening and other runes


  • Seraph Blade: Lizzy uses her seraph blade every once in a while.
  • Daggers: Lizzy has a few daggers that she uses more often then her other weapons.
  • Sword: Lizzy owns one sword that she barely ever uses.
  • Bow: Back-up
  • Arrows: Back-up.

Personal BelongingsEdit

  • iPod Nano: Lizzy is unsure she can live a life free of her iPod.
  • Demonolgy Text Book: Lizzy reads her text book only if she has nothing else to do.
  • Journal: Lizzy writes in a journal so that if she dies, people know all her secrets.
  • Make-up Kit: She carries this around so she has a quick disguise.


  • Combat Boots: All Nephilim wear those.
  • Skinny Jeans: It's her thing.
  • Tank Tops: Airy. Allow her to sweat.
  • Sweaters: It gets cold.
  • Black Dresses: Formal. Most Nephilim woman wear dresses a lot.


Well, she has her runes that are pretty cool and can make her do some pretty awesome stuff.