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[1]Michael, age 12.


[hide]*1 Inspiration

[edit] InspirationEdit

Michael is my self-insertation and Is the main character of my blog series.

He is Michael987654321

[edit] InformationEdit

Michael was bron November 9, 1997 in NYC.

He was attracted to PJO before he read discovered he was a kid of Athena.

Unlike His siblings he does not have blond hair or gray eyes, qnd he loves Percy Jackson Fanfiction Wiki.

His only match at fighting is his long lost brother Zack.

[edit] The postsEdit

Michael writes about his adventures a lot.

[edit] StoriesEdit

[edit] Blogging Camp Half-BloodEdit

Michael as a member of pjo Fanfic wiki.

[edit] OC's TogetherEdit

Michael appears as a main character.

[edit] OC's Together 2Edit

He appers somewhat minorly as Annabeth is The Titans Curse.

[edit] SuicideEdit

Michael's journey to camp.

[edit] TriviaEdit

  • His Email is sonofathena3@camphalfblood.oic
  • He is casual, but not as much as Zack
  • He appears to have no dyslexia or ADHD
  • he hates broccoli
  • He has a pet owl named Zachary after Zack
  • he has a bookmark that transforms into a sword
  • he has a watch that turns into a shield and also turns him invisible
  • he has a bracelet with an owl charm that calls Zach

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