The Fixed is the IRONS's second arch enemy squadron. It consists of only 3 very self-centered leaders, but they make clones of themselves. They believe that the world is not worthy of living, only the 3 of them can.


The Fixed were founded in 2001, when the Theodore Rust met the Ryan Fleck and Allysa Brown at College. They began cloning themselves for an army, and they "pre-train" the clones by inputting genes from soldiers. The IRONS found out what they were doing and confronted the Fixed, thus starting a war. The IRONS won the war but they weren't able to destroy their cloning machines. They started cloning again, and they had a count of over 375,000,000 clones.


The Fixed clone soldiers use AK-47's and equipped with a USP and Frag Grenades. The Clone Guards use M4 Carbines and M17's. Clone Destroyers have Rocket Launchers and Type 18 handguns. Clone Commanders use Chain-guns and a 50. Cal. Sniper Rifle


Their only enemy is the IRONS. They are planning to attack the latest found squadron. Which is the Inferno Squadron.


Main Leader: Teodore Rust

Commander: Ryan Fleck

3rd in Command: Allysa Brown (All soldiers cloned as her are "manly" girls, but not that manly)