Zack johnson is the demigod son of Ares. he is also fused to a demon.
Zack Johnson

Personality Edit

He. Is. Sarcastic. Beyond. Belief. he works as an Assassin/Mercenary/bounty Hunter. he likes to make humorous recordings of events made by other members of Inferno Squadron. He is nearly never seen without his Ipod shuffle. Ask him what's up and he'll say:"Up is a direction". he is the smartest Ares kid there is. he is slightly nomadic, sometimes traveling with other demons


he normally wears jeans and a plain black hoodie. His eyes are normally grey, but when he's p***ed, they turn blood red. because of his demon fusion, He can phase between human form and demon form.

Fighting styleEdit

He uses various fighting styles. He isn't reckless, and thinks about what to do at the speed of light.


  • Wii remote thats turns into a sword, crossbow, or knife.


In human form he can control weapons of his enemies. He can phase into the demon prince, Verx. While in this form he is very strong, fast and lethal.