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Everyone knows about Zoe Nightshade. Well, she was reborn twice.

First as . . .


[hide]*1 Sarah Roberts

[edit] Sarah RobertsEdit

Sarah is a daughter of Morpheus who is extremely sweet.[1]Sarah outside her mothers house in Virginia, age 12{| border="1" cellpadding="1" cellspacing="1" style="width: 200px" |+Sarah |Cabin: |Morpheus |- |Weapen of Choice: |Her two hunting knives; Farenheit, blessed by Artemis can put people to sleep. Unifier, blessed by Athena can awaken. Both can wound. |- |Age: |12 |- |Hair Coler: |Brown |- |Eye Coler: |Being a daughter of Morpheus it varies |- |Height: |3'9 |- |Birthday: |March 6, 2010 |}

[edit] Sarah's StoriesEdit

[edit] RebornEdit

Sarah is brought to Camp Half Blood. She is the main character. And discovers more than one secret. . .

[edit] DieEdit

Sarah faces incredible pain while Logan's on a quest.

[edit] Future StoriesEdit

Sarah will probably be featured in OC's Together 3 and has signed up for a sequel to Reborn.

[edit] Sarah's PersonalityEdit

Sarah is very sweet, her fatal flaw. Even though she will hurt monsters, and sometimes demigods, she will only kill monsters or evil people.

Sarah is surprised she can do arachery so well, one of Zoe's traits.

[edit] Sarah's Known FamilyEdit

Morpheus- father

Elinor Roberts- mother

[edit] Olivia NewtenEdit

Unlike casual Sarah, Olivia is artistic and fashionable. She is a daughter of Aphrodite.[2]Olivia Outside school, age 12{| border="1" cellpadding="1" cellspacing="1" style="width: 200px" |+Olivia |Cabin: |Aphrodite |- |Weapon of Choice: |Her purple bow, quiver and arrows nicknamed Piercer |- |Age: |13 |- |Hair Coler: |Dirty blonde |- |Eye Coler: |Blue |- |Height: |4'5 |- |Birthday: |February 14, 2080 |}

[edit] Olivia's StoriesEdit

[edit] Flying to YouEdit

Olivia finds Sarah and Zoe's possesions and discovers her past.

[edit] Clinging to YouEdit

Olivia is trapped into the Clutches of Kronos- will the spirits of Zoe and Sarah protect her?

[edit] Olivia's PersonalityEdit

Unlike most Aphrodite kids, Olivia is a natural fighter. She loves quest, especially ones with romance.

Her fatal flaw is curiousity.

[edit] Olivia's Known RealativesEdit

Aphrodite- mother

Bob Newten- father

Anna Morgan-sister